Mobility scooter shopping list holder…

In supermarkets, the shopping list can be a real pain. You need one hand to guide the scooter, one to pick things from the shelf, and a third to hold the list. Of course, if you only have one arm you’re already at a disadvantage. There had to be an easier way

First of all, I thought about a cyclists’ map holder, but they’re just too big and too expensive, and wouldn’t fit all scooters, so I came up with this Continue reading


Kindle – first impressions…

As I said this morning, when connecting your Kindle to your wi-fi network it will ask you for the password.

You can input your password from now til hell freezes, and it won’t work.

What it actually wants is the Network Key.

A minor fault, but a stupid one. After all, many people, having had their system set up by a friend, would have no idea what a Network Key is, or where to find it. Of course, as the Kindle asks for a password, they have no reason to suspect they might actually need something else. If it asked for the Network Key they would at least have the opportunity of asking someone for help.

Anyway, I’ve said as much to Amazon and, if they take any notice, future Kindles might get it right (it’s a simple firmware fix).

However, it’s now mid-afternoon, and I’ve had time to give it a good going-over, and this is what I think. Continue reading

Rechargeable tyre pump for mobility scooters…

It occurs to me that I haven’t told you about this – don’t really know why.

Anyway, after a lot of searching I finally found what I was looking for at Amazon, but now they don’t stock it. Still, at least I knew exactly what I was looking for this time, and had no trouble tracking it down.

It’s the Continue reading

The pneumonia vaccine – be afraid, be very afraid…

If you suffer from ME/CFS, that is, because it’s totally screwed up my life, and I wasn’t having too much fun to start with!

As you might have noticed, of late, I’ve had a tendency to think out loud about why I feel so goddamned awful (and dreadfully weak – a few days ago I was putting air in my wheelchair tyres, and realised that, even though I had no problem just 6 months ago, I can’t actually lift the thing now).

Then, while writing the post about the 2010 flu vaccine a few days ago, I mentioned last year’s pneumonia vaccine, and its dreadful side-effects – and the penny finally dropped.

Looking back, that’s exactly the point when Continue reading

The Mediterranean Diet works best in the Med…

The Mediterranean diet is set for place on the Unesco world heritage list, according to the Guardian.

However, in my view the Italian diet – which is what it really is, not Mediterranean; Spain and France eat differently, likewise Greece and no doubt other countries bordering the Med** – is massively over-hyped. Remove it from its natural environment and Continue reading

Jeremy Kyle – supply your own expletive…

Is Jeremy Kyle, with his delusions of his own importance, the most odious, self-obsessed, little shit ever to befoul the earth with his presence? Just asking…

If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned this poisonous tosser earlier, it’s because, for once, words fail me. Well, at least words that wouldn’t offend  most of my readers.That opening line is hugely cleaned up.

Instead, I Continue reading

Born-again veggie…

Finally, after farting about for months, I’ve slipped back into a mainly (for now, at least), vegetarian diet, given the nudge after writing this post, about the link between the purines/uric acid in beer, and arthritis. That’s because many foodstuffs, not just booze, contain purines (which metabolises into uric acid which, in turn, can causes kidney stones and/or gout, and aggravate arthritis, too). The highest levels are found in organ meats (offal), and some fish, like sardines. And beer.

I also need to reduce my cholesterol, and a diet high in soya products will bring it down nicely, as it has in the past.

Personally, I loathe Continue reading

A nation of hoarders?

Lucy Siegle, the Observer’s eco-zealot, says “UK consumers are hoarding £31bn of goods they’re not using.” No idea how she knows, as she doesn’t cite her source.

Not hoarding Ms Siegle, not for many of us anyway – we just can’t get shut of the bloody stuff.

Currently, I have a TV (perfect working order – I upgraded while I had the money, knowing I wouldn’t in the future), a bread machine, and a Continue reading