A gem from the coalition Retard Tendency…

I heard on the radio that a member of the government is concerned that the upcoming benefits cuts and DLA purge might drive sick and disabled people into employment in the sex industry.

This completely ignores that fact that the people who are seriously concerned about the cuts, and the purge, are those who are unable to work anyway, no matter what the job.

And considering that this government is already busily fucking them at every turn, it seems a bit too late to be worrying. . .


4 thoughts on “A gem from the coalition Retard Tendency…

  1. Either you think it’s appropriate for job/employment centres to be pushing people into the “adult entertainment” industry or you don’t.

    I don’t think it’s appropriate; you don’t think it’s important. San Fairy Ann, I suppose.

  2. I went with my hubby for a work related meeting
    ( PATHWAYS). It went like this how far can you travel to work mr ???… i replied 45 feet thats a bit exact mrs??.. I said thats how long his oxygen machines line is .. well could you drive a taxi mr???… I said .. who is gonna give him insurance to carry fare paying passengers he had a massive heart attack during his chemo and is on oxygen at home ..well there must be something he can do she said .. I said Why dont you pop him down as an astronaut he has his own oxygen supply and you would only need to provide the suit. Hubby said I could proof read at home .. Well the lady said oh you cant do that you have to go to college for that.. I replied he went to grammar school not the local comp school he is ill not thick.. what about them phone lines couldn’t you do one of those mr?? i said oh that would be just grand and if they want more heavy breathing I could always stand on his oxygen lines.. she said theres no need to be aggressive mrs?? my mums was on oxygen at home …i said and what f****** job have you given her.. she said my mums to ill to work and I said so is my husband he earned £2.000 a week yes £2.000 before he got cancer and had a lung removed then had a massive heart attack during the chemo and your begrudging is £100 a week do you know how ill it makes my husband having to come here and listen to all this cr*p if he could work he would .She then said i think thats all we need this month mr??? and we left

    how stupid are these people

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