Sick and disabled? No place for you in Cameron’s Britain.

In the Guardian’s CiF, this morning, an idiot calling him/herself Burgau205, claimed that there were no poor people in this country, or a working class, and also claimed that “People who blow their benefits on booze and fags do not deserve to have any benefits especially if they are fit enough to work.”. Ignoring the “fit enough for work” bit, what this fruitcake is saying is that if you are on benefit, you should be denied the normal pleasures of life (OK, smokers should be shot, but bear with me).

This was my response. By the way, almost everyone who responded spelled the name wrong, including me. Ah well… And it was CiF, so apologies if it’s not up to my usual standard.


You really are a very silly Burgua.

Having spent 24 years on disability benefits, I aspired to being poor. To claim there are no more poor is lunacy. I never thought I’d appreciate being 65, but it did remove me from the Incapacity Benefit system. Pays me a little more, too.

And I don’t smoke, but are you seriously telling me that because my income derived from benefits I wasn’t (probably still aren’t by your lights), entitled to a social life? Really? Do you realise how nuts that is?

I live extremely frugally – after almost a quarter of a century below poverty level I’ve become very good at it – and I do have some money available for things that make my life a little more bearable. Like going to the pub.

On Friday, I shall be in the pub, at lunch time, because by the time evening comes around, I’m far too ill to even consider going out (a pity really, since the rest of society socialises in the evening; still, I shall try not to enjoy myself too much).

Should you be there, do try not to trip over my crutches, or knock over my portable nebuliser. Thank you so much. (end)

And I got this response from someone who clearly has not an atom of charity in his soul:-


11 Aug 2010, 10:20AM

LePendu (That’s me on CiF – because I hang around there a lot!)

For God’s sake, I work and do not go to the pub because it is too expensive.

Why the fuck should you think you are entitled to do so? (end)

That mindset is simply staggering – he can’t have something so you can’t either. His life is crap, so nobody is entitled to anything better. My response:-

What’s this crap about entitlement? Everybody is entitled to some form of leisure activity. Even you.

I’m mostly housebound, and go to the pub once a week because a friend is good enough to take me. I can afford to go because I have economised in other areas. Which, let’s face it, is fuck all to do with you.

If you can’t afford to go to the pub, maybe you spend your money in other areas? Or maybe you’re in the wrong job? Or just too miserable? Do you seriously think that because you can’t, don’t, or won’t, do something, nobody else should be allowed to? Really?

But here’s a thought which may be entirely alien to you – it’s my fucking choice. And by the way, if you’d actually paid attention to what I’ve written, you’d know that I’m now a pensioner. So, in your world, are pensioners not allowed a social life either? Because there’s a hell of a lot of us, and the idea won’t sit very well with a single one.

(Note: if it wasn’t for pensioners drinking during the day, and eating, many pubs wouldn’t survive.  Ron.)

My pension provides money to live on. If I can afford to spend some of it in the pub, it’s because I’ve worked at being able to afford it. I also – are you sitting down, because it might be a shock – spend money on books. Yes, I know – how terrible. Shouldn’t be allowed, should it? I tip taxi drivers too – honestly, I don’t know how I live with myself, with such profligacy.

No doubt you believe that the chronically sick and disabled should be paid in vouchers for food, rent, etc, not cash, so that we’re not able to enjoy ourselves for one single moment. Appeals to you does it?

Or would you prefer us (I may be a pensioner, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still chronically sick and disabled), to be confined to camps, where you don’t have to see or think about us? I’m sure you could get a job as a guard. Hell, it might even pay enough for you to go to the pub, because there would be no danger of meeting me, or anyone like me.

Especially me. . .

And yes, that idea has been seriously suggested.

Anything else I shouldn’t be doing? Am I allowed the occasional shag, or would that be just too much fun for you to get your head around? Would it be OK if I promised not to enjoy myself?

I think I might go to the pub on my mobility scooter, instead. It’s a Class 3, road–legal scooter, and I ride it on the road – how disgraceful is that? – and sometimes motorists are held up for, ooh, whole seconds. That really gets up the noses of the miserable tossers who think the sick and disabled – and now pensioners, it seems – shouldn’t be allowed to exist or, at least, be seen in public.

Right, I must get back to my blog now, RA1966, where I advise people on health, disability and benefits matters. They are far more deserving of my time than you are, that’s for sure (far better people, mostly), and I feel fairly certain that the concept of doing something for others, for no other reward than the satisfaction of a job well done, is one you might have problems with.

By the way, save your energy. I won’t be continuing with this “discussion” – I know a totally closed mind when I come across one. I do hope you manage to keep your job, though, because you really wouldn’t enjoy the alternative.

One final thought – why is it the most objectionable people on CiF never have the balls to create a profile? (end)

So there you have it – the public perception of the sick and disabled in Cameron’s Britain. And this guy is all too typical. It’s a mindset no longer limited to Daily Mail readers (though I suspect this oil might have wandered in from there), and if you read the comments – if the actual article doesn’t depress and infuriate you too much – you’ll see his attitude is not that uncommon.

It’s true about putting the sick and disabled in camps, by the way – pretty sure I’ve written about it somewhere here – likewise being paid with vouchers instead of cash. In the case of the latter, I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

Have a nice day…


22 thoughts on “Sick and disabled? No place for you in Cameron’s Britain.

  1. Complete bollocks, isn’t it. The Americans had a go with food stamps, – and, of course, there’s now a whole bureaucracy dealing with “abuse” see this South Dakota SNAP fraud site. I wonder how much that costs to run.

    Note the exclusions… medicine, vitamins etc.

    30 years + ago, some folk were “abusing” these; you buy someone elses food, they swap for your beer. There will always be a feckless minority; why treat the perfectly ordinary majority as if they are all frauds.

    • Cheers Steve.

      Re yout final point – because Cameron and Co. are ideologically opposed to disability benefits of any kind (the Guardian mentioned – very, very, briefly, that the government had launched a propaganda campaign in order to demonise DLA claimants), and Iain Duncan Smith has said he wants to see the end of DLA.

      I was on disability benefits under Thatcher, but I never felt even remotely threatened until James Purnell came along – and the Tories have adopted his theories wholesale and wholly uncritically. As I pointed out last year. their policies were identical to Labour’s The only difference between now and then is that Cameron has turned out to be a hell of a lot worse.

      There IS benefit fraud, but as the DWP found out, it’s at such a low level it costs more to winkle it out than they save. This isn’t about fraud, though – as with Purnell, it never was – it’s about forcing people off expensive disability benefits and, via ESA, deliberately designed to be extremely difficult to claim, onto JSA. And hang the consequences.

      I have a document, compiled by a solicitors’ office, detailing all the ways ESA fails to comply with the legislation on which it’s based. Trouble is, I can’t recall where I got it, to ask permission to republish it.


  2. CIF free was always bound to get a bit crazy with more and more people comming online.

    Also all the torries are on it now you have to pay for the times.

  3. you forgot to say you have a computer Ron. How dare you spend money on communication material. No doubt this creton used his fingers in his own shit to write to the Guardian
    I always understood “Guardian” meant to protect something, but never having read this piece of crap obviously I’m wrong.

    • I thought the PC would be obvious even to retards – possibly not though.

      What really pisses me off though, is that if I’d responded to that ass-wipe as I should, the moderators would have binned it!

  4. instead of checking on benifit fraudsters,have a go at the people at the top fiddling millions,and it is pure greed because they dont need it, also people who receive benifits still pay tax on evrything they buy.

    • They’ll never do that, because they are the very people who are bankrolling the Conservative party.

      The sick and disabled, in particular, are an easy target, as many simply don’t have the energy for a fight.

      • “They’ll never do that, because they are the very people who are bankrolling the Conservative party.”

        to be fair, they are also substantial donors to the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats, and UKIP.

        • True, but the Lib Dems are just Tories with a differently-coloured tie, UKIP are a bad joke and even Labour, bad as they were from the perspective of those who depend on benefits, were pussy-cats compared to Cameron, Grayling and Duncan Smith.

  5. It is qiute depressing is it not Ron? I have only been on ESA since last December when i was paid off due to my condition and already i feel totally worthless.

    Is it not enough that we have to loose our job and our house, not to mention isolation and social exclusion, “call me Dave” still thinks we need showing whos boss?

    Don’t know about you but if they were to offer me a barbiturates cocktail on the house i might just be tempted…


    • Five more years of this is liable to tip this country into civil war, or extreme civil unrest at best, and people will undoubtedly die as a result.

      But Ranald, carry on claiming the benefits – just to piss them off!

  6. another smashing post ron, saying exactly what we are all thinking.

    I dont smoke, dont drink a lot – cheap deal in the supermarket sort of thing when i do, i have good friends who take me out once in a blue moon to engage with the local community and even then thats at the local boozer I cant remember that last time i went into the city centre.

    Even if I did smoke/drink myself silly, as you say what the f**k is it got to do with someone else, what I save somewhere else I spend on my net access each month, my wee vice – where i buy shopping as i cant get out -but then with my foodstamps Id have to haul myself to the shops and drop down dead -hmm mibbe thats what they want!

    • Having a good day, today – sometimes it’s hard to string six words together. . .

      Know what you mean – I’ve not been into the centre of Birkenhead for maybe 3 years, Liverpool even longer. I doubt I’m missing much though. I can get pretty much everything I need online – except beer.

      Engaging with the local community? That’s a novel idea – I just drink 😉 I think it’s OK as long as we don’t enjoy it.

      Right – the kitchen awaits – bread-making today.

  7. Just signed for my shopping, handy thing that supermarket delivery service, only £3.50 at this time on a Wednesday lol.

    I am eyeing up my 8 tins of Newcastle brown ale that is this weeks quota, do i have the willpower to put them in the fridge and leave them a day or so yet?

    These people who are judging us should maybe stop for a minute and think, those 8 tins of beer are my sole excitement for the week, not seen a soul except for my GP and counsellor; what a life of Riley eh?

    Before you can know a person you must walk a mile in their shoes…


  8. Hi Ron
    I too am in receipt of disability benefits, and appreciate your comments.
    I must ask : How dare you continually disrespect a great number of our society, who have many complicated and distressing daily problems.
    I refer, of course, to your use of the word ‘retard’.
    I assure you Ron, that if your disability was of a mental health nature, and not a physical nature – you would think twice before referring to anyone as ‘retard’.
    Having aired my grievance .. I wish you well, keep up the good work. Thank you .. Kevin.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Let me say, right now, that I have no time whatsoever for the PC brigade. However, since they have been successful it getting the term “retard” eliminated from the field of mental health then, as far as I’m concerned, that makes it available for use as a general term of abuse for stupid buggers. If you choose to put an entirely different spin on it, that really is your problem.

      You are the one making the mental health connection, not me.

      Had I referred to a person who was mentally ill, or impaired, as a retard, then you would have grounds for complaint. But I didn’t, I never have, and your complaint is fatuous It appears that you are going out of your way to be offended, finding offence where none exists.

      My first choice, by the way, would actually have been “fuckwit” – and I can’t tell you how hard I’m having to work to avoid deploying it right now.


  9. Well I’m disabled with a spinal cord lesion and all that entails, sadly I use to be with Labour disability group, you know the ones that said we are all work shy scroungers, I was at the meeting when Blair came out with the gem work shy , GP, benefits for life.

    In the end I suspect Labour or Tory we would have ended being blamed in part for the down turn, banking crises call it what you like.

    I remember Blunkett being on TV and telling us he did not have a disability, again he is another of the new Labour morons, he could not even tell his kids apart, it’s mine no it’s not yes it is, no it’s not? thats the cat your holding.

    Ah well never mind must look where I put my wheelchair.

    • Good luck with your wheelchair. I got mine out last night, dusted it off and pumped up the tyres, cos I’ve a feeling I’ll be needing it again very soon. Scared the shit out of me – I couldn’t even lift the bugger!

  10. I see the good old Sun newspaper or toilet paper is having a field day, person drinking in pub when he should be home in bed, bloody women in another country claiming benefits.

    The rules now say a person can live where he or she likes in the EU and get benefits, except for mobility of the DLA.

    But disabled people are not allowed lives, disabled person goes to the gym each week shocking, I use to play football in a wheelchair of course, not allowed now you must be at home dying.

    • Toilet paper – read by asswipes . . . Almost – why couldn’t it have been the Mail! Give them time, though, it will be.

      Screw the Sun – I’ll be in the pub on Wednesday – tough shit if anyone doesn’t like it.

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