Rechargeable tyre pump for mobility scooters…

It occurs to me that I haven’t told you about this – don’t really know why.

Anyway, after a lot of searching I finally found what I was looking for at Amazon, but now they don’t stock it. Still, at least I knew exactly what I was looking for this time, and had no trouble tracking it down.

It’s the Polco Rechargeable Inflator.

It was originally supplied by a company called Grand Prix Legends and they don’t stock it now, either, but I found it at this company, for £31.50, rather less than I paid but, when delivery is factored in, there won’t be a lot of difference.

Not cheap, but it works very well and seems bomb-proof. Be sure to read the instructions before connecting the flexible hose – not hard, just counter-intuitive (if you doubt that, see comments – make it up you could not!). The only weak point is the tyre valve connection – it screws on, unlike the normal thumb-lock connector, but it gets the job done. And I suppose the hose could be longer, but that’s not a problem. It’s not overly noisy for indoor use, either.

If you use tyre sealant, always make sure the valve is uppermost, then remove the valve cap and, using a matchstick or something similar, release a burst of air – this will clear the valve stem of sealant (catch it in a rag if you’re indoors, or you won’t be popular), which would otherwise block the connector. Better yet, deflate the tyre and re-inflate to the correct pressure – this will ensure no sealant gets into the pump (this is what I now do).

There’s a small pressure gauge on the pump, which is accurate enough for our purposes.

There are cheaper rechargeable pumps on the market – Amazon have one, with 2 very poor reviews (one useful, one pointless) – which demonstrates what I’m about to say; you get what you pay for.

The battery, by the way, holds its charge well, which is a good sign – cheap, poor-quality batteries don’t.

7 thoughts on “Rechargeable tyre pump for mobility scooters…

  1. my disabled friend bought one of these but cant operate the valve/connect the pump to the tyres

    whats he doing wrong pls

    best Bill

    • No idea, Bill – and, I’d have thought, impossible to get wrong – the brass collar simply screws onto the valve until tight. As with any other threaded component, the threads have to be properly aligned, which is easier on some wheels than others, and the tyre valve stem is somewhat flexible, which helps. Overall, though, it’s a very simple connection, and even works on tiny castors with pneumatic tyres.

      All mobility tyres have Schrader valves, except for high-pressure manual chair wheels, which have Presta valves, and the only way there would be a problem is if he’s trying to inflate a high-pressure manual wheelchair tyre – it simply won’t fit. A Schrader/Presta adapter would make it fit, but it won’t reach the high pressure needed anyway.

      Other than that, I’m totally stumped. Just one thought, though – he IS taking the valve caps off first, is he?


  2. thanks Ron-i think he is using it with a power chair-i forgot he has a p chair and mobility scooter.
    i will tell him what you say.
    is there anything around which will fit a power chair do you know

    many thanks Ron for your very helpful reply

  3. Hi Ron,
    He now says that the problem isnt the fitting to the tyre but the connection from the actual pump itself,where he is placing an adaptor which doesnt fit he says.
    Is this any more sensible?
    Has he received a dodgy item?
    I find that very unlikely myself.
    bw Bill
    im feeling bad as i bought this for him as he has trouble when out and would find this so much easier at home

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