Flu vaccine – 2010…

I subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter and, just occasionally, there is a gem peering out at me from among the dross. Today is such a day. Just don’t abandon your critical faculties altogether, though.

In the US, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), is getting its knickers in a twist over the lack of enthusiasm for the swine flu vaccine last year.

Forget lunatic allegations of Continue reading

Perceptions of Barack Obama…

Based on the evidence of a new report from the Pew Research Centre, in Washington, the USA, arguably the most powerful country in the world, is inhabited by cretins.


Despite overwhelming evidence (not least his his nutjob pastor), only 34% believe that Barack Obama is a Christian. This, apparently, is because Continue reading

On being struck by lightning…

Updated March 5 2011.

I’ve mentioned in some posts – the last one, for example – that being struck by lightning causes me a whole lot of problems, both then and years down the line. Like my osteo-arthritis. OK, I do have an innate tendency in that direction, having had o-a in my left hip since the age of 32, but the fact that, for some years, it’s been present in almost every joint, with increasing severity, I’m certain is the result of the lightning strike (on the hills above Aber, North Wales, Summer 1983).

By the way, in another post there’s a link to this list, which is on my website, so some of you will have already seen it.

I’ve speculated, recently, about whether side-effects from my meds are the basis of what ails me (I’m sure they contribute, maybe substantially), and I’ve also said as much about the lightning strike, and it occurred to me that pretty much nobody out there knows what Continue reading

Beer and arthritis…

As regular readers may know, I have serious and widespread osteo-arthritis – the result of being struck by lightning in 1983, which damaged most of my joints, among much else.

As the condition deteriorates, I’ve noticed that going to the pub means that the following day will be a bad one, both for mobility and pain. I’d assumed that this was caused by to-ing and fro-ing to the Gents’, but it’s a very small pub and I really couldn’t see it being the sole cause, so I started checking out beer and arthritis.

Pretty much immediately I struck gold, with Continue reading

Floury thoughts…

I’ve written before about some of the difficulties of making bread with Shipton Mill 701 flour (very soft dough with apparently weak gluten). Adding a proportion – typically 50% – of their No. 4 flour helps, but doesn’t cure the problem.

Anyway, some weeks ago they offered me some Swedish spring wheat flour. This makes a very soft, but tasty, loaf, but it is even softer to work than the 701.

I normally work with approximately 60% hydration which, for Continue reading

Ebook conversion for Kindle – maybe…

I’ve been tinkering with a piece of software called Calibre, which is designed to convert ebook formats. For example, EPub ebooks won’t run on Kindle (and that’s what Waterstone’s sell), but Calibre will convert (but see below), them to a format which will.

There are a bunch of other possible conversions, too, but that’s Continue reading

For the sick and disabled, the lies continue…

“Almost 900,000 people spent a decade or more “on the sick” at a cost of £4.2 billion a year to the taxpayer, the Government has said.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling described the figures as “outrageous” and promised action to get people off benefits and back into work.”

So says the Press Association report in this morning’s Guardian, going on to say:- Continue reading

More Kindle musings…

A quote in the Guardian, about the Kindle and ereaders in particular, from Kate Pool, deputy general secretary of the Royal Society of Authors, “It is not that I am a Luddite… I want to be sure I am not buying the wrong thing. I don’t want to be left with a Betamax when everyone else is watching VHS.”

I rather doubt that will happen.

The VHS – Betamax thing was a farce. Betamax was technically Continue reading