Chronically sick and disabled? The purge continues…

Benefits and Work is banging on about the government checking up on the spending habits of benefit claimants. I don’t see how.

People like me, who, for example, bought wide-screen TVs while on IB (in my case with my overdraft!), will be in the records (you buy a TV, the store has to report it to the TV licensing people), but I really don’t see what else they can know about.

And if information about the spending habits of the public is recorded in detail, by whom is this being done, and on whose authority? Because if it is happening it’s a massive invasion of privacy.

B&W apparently discusses this at length on their website, but unfortunately, for a matter of such national importance, they’ve chosen to make it members only. Come on, guys, give us all a break…

Anyway, if I can spin out my benefit (though it’s my pension now, so that’s a worry less**), by living frugally, in order to have money for the occasional luxury, who’s to say that’s in any way wrong? Or any bugger’s business but mine. The money is mine to live on – there’s no law that says I can’t have a bit of enjoyment while doing so. Not yet, anyway, but give them time!

(**The DWP are going to review my IB entitlement next year – I wish them luck.)

This is the same misbegotten, deranged, “reasoning” that says people on benefit shouldn’t go out for a drink (though I’ve never seen anyone say they shouldn’t smoke, oddly enough). Before the Times disappeared behind its paywall, its comment sections featured members of the miserable bastard persuasion, fulminating about benefit claimants having the temerity to try and wring the smallest degree of pleasure from their lives. You can still see it in the Mail, and these people are dangerous.

They’re dangerous because they are the very people who are swallowing whole the coalition’s campaign of lies and disinformation concerning us,  the chronically sick and disabled, because for the most part they have the intellect of an oyster. But they’ll still be spying on us, without the brains to know whether what they might see us doing is appropriate or not – so it’s odds-on they’ll plump for not.

However, substitute “Jew” or “Black,” or even “gay and lesbian” for sick and disabled, and Cameron, Osborne and Duncan Smith, plus the scumbags at the Times and Mail, would be hauled into court so fast it’d shake their fillings loose, because this is pure bigotry and persecution, hiding behind the façade of politics.

We are fast becoming the untermenschen of the 21st century.

And now, after the machinery has been set in motion to massively disrupt  with our lives, Andrew Lansley is slipping it to the GPs, big time

The Department of Health has sidelined the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body until 2013 (why is this bunch of psychos so obsessed with 2013?), which effectively means that there is no review body representing the interests of GPs. Dentists too, of course, but we are more reliant on GPs, and we should, perhaps, be worried.

If GPs strike, we’re screwed – how will we get our meds for a start? And those claiming ESA and DLA would get no medical support for their claim.

Would GPs strike? Well, given the massive amount of work and responsibility that has been dumped in their laps of late – the removal of the DDRB ensuring that they can’t negotiate for more pay for the extra work, or for a change in conditions, or pretty much anything at all – I don’t see that they have a choice.

A strike should, always and forever, be a last resort, but given that the avenue of first resort – the DDRB – has been effectively closed, what choices are left?

I can see one – that the GPs revert to what their duties were before the changes, and dump all the new stuff back on Lansley’s desk. That would probably result in the health service coming down around our ears so, hopefully, Lansley will see sense (yeah, right – he’d be more likely to send in the army).

I asked some time ago, who speaks for the chronically sick and disabled, because  as sure as god made little green apples, it’s not the buggers who should be doing so. Now, we should all be asking who speaks for the GPs, and more importantly, why is the answer to that “nobody”?

We are getting very close to an elected dictatorship, with the rules being changed so this most despicable of governments – even Thatcher wouldn’t have sunk so low as to turn on those least able to defend themselves, or preside over the virtual dismantling of the NHS – will be  immovable for 5 years. Even a confidence vote won’t unseat Cameron, because that dismal waste of blood and organs, Clegg, has pledged his support in such an eventuality.

Unless the LimpDems rediscover their balls, and turn on Clegg – the conference season is coming, it’s a good time if they’re going to do it at all – the coalition is going to be able to do exactly as it wishes, totally unchallenged, until 2015. And when you look at the damage already done, or set in motion to happen between now and 2013, the potential for further damage – economic, political, environmental, and in our cases, personal – simply beggars belief.

A few weeks ago I read, probably in the Guardian, that a dissident Irish paramilitary group was known to have this government at the top of its hit list, and I was mortified to realise that the possibility actually cheered me up. briefly, before I realised how many innocent people are likely to go down with them.

And I’ll tell you something – I certainly won’t have been alone in feeling that way.

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  1. Absolutely superb blog as usual Ron. Thank You so much for expressing what so many of us are feeling. Please keep up the good work!!

  2. Just noticed that of the 4 Possibly related posts, 3 point to my own. This is getting incestuous.

    Shows they have taste, though . . . 😉

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