Another Kindle tip…

Turn off wi-fi when reading (that function is in Menu).

Why, because at Amazon’s instigation the buggerdly thing will happily trample all over whatever you’re reading, just to update its software.

There I was, happily reading and I’m tossed out unceremoniously. For 15 minutes, maybe more. Call me picky, but that’s just not acceptable. Even Microsoft, et al, give you the option to update right now, or when it’s more convenient – not just dump all over whatever you may be working on.

So what has Kindle updated? Buggered  if I know, it didn’t tell me. Presumably, an update so soon would address problems with the original software, but a quick check shows that George Orwell still follows “D” in the eccentric “File by author” alphabet, which needed fixing. So – no idea.

I have noticed, in Kindle for PC, the night-sky background now sports stars, but why would that necessitate screwing up my reading?

Anyway, in future, when reading, wi-fi will be turned off, and turned on again when I’m finished for the day. That way it won’t piss me off, and I won’t get the urge to throw it out of the window!