What I’m reading today – an occasional series…

These are the books, and ebooks, I currently have on the go, though Leiber and Lovecraft (really a short story but, in Kindle-land, that makes it a book!), are near the end.


Local Breads, by Daniel Leader (wholemeal and sourdough bread from around the world  – both areas in which my knowledge and expertise need a boost)

The Silver Eggheads, by Fritz Leiber (the future of publishing – maybe – automated Wordmills, churning out mindless drivel for the masses, the “writers” reduced to mere window-dressing)

The Haunter of the Dark, by HP Lovecraft (Kindle) (it’s Lovecraft – says it all)

Going with the Grain, by Susan Seligson (expeditions around the world, in search of bread, including the horror of a tour of the Wonderbread factory in Biddeford, Maine – the world’s biggest bread, and related products, plant – hardly deserves the name “bakery”. Also features an intriguing article about the lesser-known Poilane brother.)

And awaiting, with great impatience, the next book from John Sandford, a Virgil Flowers novel, Bad Blood, due in a few days**. Sandford is vastly underrated, galling when you look at the publicity James Patterson gets, and he doesn’t even write his own books.

**Amazon mysteriously list it as temporarily out of stock, even though it’s not published until the 21st.