Sick, disabled, and worried? It’s Clegg’s fault.

Has Nick Clegg, arguably the most egregious suck-ass in the history of British politics, and Cameron’s lap-dog, finally lost the plot? This, from today’s Observer:-

“Clegg admits he was completely wrong to call Cameron a “fake” and a “con” during the election campaign and has been impressed by his pragmatism and flexibility. “He hasn’t been dogmatic. He hasn’t been doctrinaire,” he says. “I think this government definitely has the capacity to be a great, great reforming government.” ”

Maybe Clegg should have gone to Specsavers, because he’s sure as hell not seeing the same person I’m seeing. Cameron is every bit as dogmatic and doctrinaire as Thatcher – the only difference is that he’s far worse. And he’s not even capable – assuming he even wants to, which is doubtful – of exerting any control at all over his Rottweiler, Osborne.

Clegg seems also in need of a reality check when he says:-

“We are achieving some great things already in this government. Lifting hundreds of thousands of the lowest-paid workers out of tax altogether. Restoring and protecting civil liberties.” He added: “I hope each and every one of you is as proud as I am of what we have already achieved.” (my italics).

What about the other side of that coin? Condemning hundreds of thousands of the chronically sick and disabled to years of doubt and  uncertainty, along with potentially massive disruption to lives which, for many, are barely tolerable now?

What about, that Clegg, you dumb bastard? Where are our civil liberties?

I just hope the party has the sense to compare the claims and promises  Clegg made when he thought he had a shot that winning the election, with the reality of the way in which he’s prostituted himself, and his party, for what is little more than the illusion of power (hell, when Cameron was out of the country, he didn’t even bother to leave Clegg, his purely notional deputy, holding the reins), and kick him out on his opportunist arse.

Because the only way Osborne and Cameron are now able to ride roughshod over one of the most vulnerable sectors of society is because Clegg’s deal allowed them to. He could have prevented it, but he did nothing (he’s opposed nothing whatsoever). That the Tories had such depredations in mind was clear months before the election.

Clegg must have known it was coming, yet he unconcernedly  hitched his wagon to Cameron’s star. The only question is whether the wheels will come off, turning Cameron’s star into a meteorite, before we are all, every one of us, totally screwed beyond all hope of redemption.

And that is in the hands of the Liberal Democrat party.


5 thoughts on “Sick, disabled, and worried? It’s Clegg’s fault.

  1. I just wish i could send all the stuff Clegg said about the cons before becoming an even bigger CON himself
    ‘Whatch who’s arse you liking on the way up pal because all the shit faces will not need any toilet paper when your on your way back down to the real world’.
    The sooner the better.
    Regards Ron.

  2. hi ron wish you were pm. the problem with the benifit system is we are all being dragged down with the cheats, i thought the idea was to stop the cheats benifits and give the genuine people more,but as with all things in this country its allways the honest people who suffer the most. about this government they and all the well off people in this land do not live in our sad shoes so how can they sort anything out , all they are interested in is how much money they can stash . nothing effects their lives for the worse , hey whats new!

    • There actually aren’t that many cheats. In 24 years on disability benefits, I’ve known one. Even the DWP admit that fraud is pretty low (that’s the civil service who have to make it work, not the lying buggers in government).

      DO NOT believe the propaganda about benefit fraud – this government is actively running a campaign of lies and disinformation aimed at the sick and disabled, to try and justify their cuts in the eyes of the public. And hey, it’s working!

  3. I heard on the news this morning (22nd September) that Clegg is in the USA, addressing the United Nations and has pledged £5 billion (of OUR MONEY) to help eradicate Malaria in Africa.

    Now bearing in mind he and the rest of his cronies are snatching money from our own sick and disabled -allegedly due to “cutbacks” – and Malaria is not a prevalent disease in the UK – then why the hell are we helping Africa? More to the point = where is he getting the money from? Apparently the UK hasn’t got any if we are to believe Osborne.


    • Yep, it’s remarkable how much money they can find for foreign aid. Call me selfish, but if the country really is on its uppers (it’s not, by the way – not by a long way – and this bunch borrowed more money in August than in any preceding August; I thought borrowing was almost a capital crime now?), charity should begin at home.

      Not that it ever will.

      And it’s true, as Osborne claims, that these cuts were planned by Labour, though he conveniently ignores the fact that he has ramped them up to levels of savagery never even contemplated by Darling.

      Update – just checked this out and the actual sum is £500 million.

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