Attracting people to blogs, and writing for them – which comes first?

In my view, that would be the latter, every time.

One of the most frequent cries for help in the WP forum is “how can I get people to visit my blog?” All too often, a look at the blog throws up another question – why would they? All too often that plea comes from a blogger who has written nothing beyond the initial Hey, I’m here! post.

If you want people to read your blog, you have to do two things (at least). One Continue reading

Life with Kindle, two months on…

My Kindle, I think it’s fair to say, has inserted itself into my life as deeply and securely as, say, my PC.

Already, since I’ve owned the Kindle a mere 2 months, I feel as if I’ve had it forever, so familiar has it become. And as I think I’ve said elsewhere, it’s perfect for reading in bed. But, unlike books, just don’t drop the bugger! I haven’t, so far, but it is something of an Achilles heel.

Despite one of the posters in the Kindle’s reviews on Amazon claiming that’s it’s so complicated his review needs a video for clarity – which is Continue reading

Atheists, agnostics, and the 2011 census…

The British Humanist Association has launched a campaign to encourage non-believers, and the seriously lapsed, to tick the “no religion” box on the 2011 census form with the aim of challenging religious privilege in Britain, says the Guardian. This is because the 37-odd million recorded Christians aren’t reflected in church attendance, and the BHA think this is because people are misdescribing themselves as Christian. But is it anything more than apathy, though? After all, the Christian god is supposed to be omnipresent, so Continue reading

Should vendors know what they’re selling?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you, but way too many numpties have no clue about what they’re selling online. OK, you sort of expect that on eBay, but not with mainstream online stores.

I’ve just bought a new mobe (a Sony Ericson Xperia X10 mini Pro, should you be wondering). Nice little phone but, like quite a few others, you have to feed it plain vanilla MicroSD cards. The problem starts with vendors who fondly believe that Continue reading

What I’m reading right now – part of an occasional series…

All on my Kindle. Currently I have nothing on paper to be read, which was the idea since, as I’ve said, I’m running out of book space. I’ve always read a lot but, since getting the Kindle, I seem to be reading a lot more than I have been in recent years, and the think might have been designed expressly for reading in bed.

The Mighty Dead, by William Gault, the title is from James Thomson’s The Seasons (1730). Set, oh, about now, I suppose, as it was written in the 50s, and posits the rise to power of a semi-literate US senator who successfully gets a bill pushed through banning any form of reading, writing, printing and publishing, on the grounds that it disturbed people, spread dissent and variously undermined society (and, of course, showed him in a very poor light).

The tale centres on a Continue reading

On buying new crutches…

It’s not just clothes sizing that’s gone to hell, it’s the same with crutches.

I’ve been using crutches for a decade or two, and always the type with ergonomic grips, and it’s the grips that tend to wear out, being of a material that becomes slightly friable with age.

So I’ve ordered a Continue reading

The Campaign for Real Books…

There is now, almost inevitably, given the huge uptake of the Amazon Kindle, a Campaign for Real Books (Cambo).

The Cambo website says “The future is paper.” And that’s really the problem with books – paper.

As I’ve said before, books in bulk take up a hell of a lot of space, but apart from that, paper is just so ecologically unsound these days. I love the feel, and smell, of a new, unopened book, but I don’t think, in the long term, paper is sustainable. Ebooks are.

Cambo also says Continue reading

World COPD Day…

November 17 is World COPD Day, when we’re encouraged to visit our doctors for a spirometry test.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have serious problems with this. I don’t know about anyone else, but my COPD tends to fluctuate more or less randomly. Some days, like today, I’m wheezy but otherwise breathing quite well**. On other days I’m breathless just Continue reading

Want medical information? Ask the people who have it – the patients…

Two headlines in Pulse magazine:-

Fewer antibiotics prescribed for RTIs, study finds


No antibiotic class stands out in treatment of LRTIs

Access both from the above link if you’re signed up to Pulse.

The thing is, I’ve been arguing both these points for years – antibiotic prescribing for COPD flare-ups or other lung infection (LRTI and RTI), has long been Continue reading