An update on Phyllocontin toxicity…

While, overall, I stand by what I said previously, it became clear over the weekend that I had reduced my Phyllocontin intake too much. This left me far too dependent on my inhalers,  and rendered my condition less stable than I’d initially thought.

As a result, I’ve reverted to my normal dose, 2 x 225mg tablets, in the morning, maximising my intake for the period in which I’m most active – for want of a better word – and taking just one in the evening.

So far, this is working out very well. During the day I am far more stable than I was just o one tablet, don’t crash if I miss an inhaler dose, or am a bit late with it and, equally important, by taking only one tablet in the evening, don’t feel so appallingly ill in the morning, which is what – eventually, after a few false starts – made me wonder about Phyllocontin toxicity.

I’ve felt well enough this morning to go out on my scooter for a short while, and I even felt up to de-squeaking the rear suspension, which is a pain in the butt. I’ve even made some toast for lunch and, believe me, that’s an achievement!

There’s been another change too. Over the past month two, when I’ve felt really ill, I’ve tended to go to bed as soon as I got home from the pub (my social life, such as it is, has to happen in the afternoons). However, since reducing my Phyllocontin, like any other drunken sod, I’ve come home, made something to eat, and settled down to watch an evening’s abysmal TV totally uncritically! No, that’s an exaggeration – I could never be that drunk – but I do watch favourite shows I’d otherwise miss, and spend the rest of the week playing catch-up – one thing about satellite TV, it repeats itself endlessly.

I think this is the answer then. I really can’t see going back to 2 tablets at night, as the problems it causes next day are intolerable (picture being seas-sick, with a New Year’s Day hangover – nausea at that level), not to mention potentially dangerous. I’m still a little nauseous – hell, I’ve been nauseous since 1985 – but, bearing in mind how bad I’ve been over the past few months, it’s hardly worth mentioning.