The cost of Atos, dismantling the health service, and other gripes…

You might have spotted that today’s papers are dominated by the release of a veritable torrent of data detailing (just a part of), government expenditure. In the spreadsheet for the DWP**, it’s revealed than in the 5 months since the election, Atos has been paid  £3,489,137.81. Sorry, ignore that, it’s not as simple as it appeared, as Atos is spread over several spreadsheets. As you were – I’ve scoured all the DWP data and can find only that one entry for Atos Medical Services. There are also sums of £330,585.05, £23,300.35, minus £13,152.00, £129.09, £356.03, £366.89, £59.49, £733.78 and £848.43   for Atos Origin IT Services UK Ltd. Same company?

The cost in human misery caused by Atos, though, is incalculable.

**Downloaded from here.

In a recent post the veracity of my claim that the coalition was busily dismantling the health service was called into question.

Everything here, except where I’m voicing a personal opinion, is verifiable by anyone who cares to make the effort – I don’t make things up, nor am I prone to exaggeration (and on the odd occasion someone has shown me I’m wrong** I’ve posted a correction). As I said when unloading on the guy***, the bulk of my information on that subject has come from Pulse, the GP magazine and, hell, if they don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know who does.

**And I do mean “shown” – I want to see the evidence, not just your opinion that I’m wrong.

***And if you think I was a bit harsh, few things annoy me more than someone arguing just for its own sake – and not for the first time.

There are other sources, of course – almost every UK newspaper for a start – and this article, at Red Pepper, is one of the most thorough. Then there’s this, from the Guardian, in August last year, which demonstrates that this demolition was on the cards long before the election.

And before anyone tells me Red Pepper has a socialist agenda, I know that – it doesn’t make them wrong.

Those last two links came via Google and if you click through you’ll find many more examples – this isn’t a secret and nobody who has actually been paying attention can fail to have noticed what’s going on.

While it’s true that I didn’t post my source for the health service claim (which is quite normal for widely available information), I was of the opinion that the information is so widely known it wasn’t necessary – it would be like posting a source for my assertion that tomorrow is Saturday (Outlook, as it happens, plus the fact that I’m confident as to which day follows Friday!).

So why am I publishing this post? Mainly to try to address the possibility  that people, for whatever reason, might not realise this is happening, or its extent – this is something that will, ultimately, affect, for good or ill (probably ill), every sick and disabled person in the country.