Chronically sick? This government wants you dead!

Not only does this government want to reduce the chronically sick and disabled to penury, they now appear to want us dead, too, based on this, from Pulse magazine:-

GPs told, cut unplanned admissions by a fifth

GPs are to be told they must reduce unscheduled hospital admissions by a fifth by the end of 2013 as one of a series of brutal Government targets to keep hundreds of thousands of patients out of hospital each year.

Ministers have drawn up a drastic efficiency programme that requires GPs to deliver a 10% cut in A&E attendance and the flagship 20% reduction in unscheduled admissions, while working with hospitals to cut length of stay by 25%. (end)

There’s more in Pulse, which I’ve linked to, but you need to sign up to be able to tread it in full.

This is NOT a programme for efficiency, this is a programme for needless suffering and death – a purging of those of us who are expensively sick.

What they are saying is that they want one in five emergency hospital admissions to disappear. How the bloody hell does that work? By definition, you cannot plan for an emergency, or an accident.

From my perspective, I can be adequately treated at home for the most part, but if I need to be admitted to hospital, it’s essential that I am – there is no middle road. And that’s a situation that will inevitably worsen in the coming years. Assuming that I actually have “coming years,” as  I sure as hell won’t if these bastards try to keep me out of hospital when I need it. And the same applies to a great many other people.

There are many whose conditions pretty much guarantee unscheduled admission to hospital – they can’t bloody well schedule a crisis, now can they? What of them?

Also in Pulse, Sir John Oldham, a GP and the Department of Health’s national clinical lead for quality and productivity admitted ‘there is no plan B’ if GPs failed to meet the goals by the end of 2013, but said ministers had agreed to overhaul the tariffs to strengthen the incentives for keeping patients out of hospital. ‘These will have to be achieved. If we don’t grasp hold of management of long-term conditions and the urgent care that goes with that, we are all up a creek without a paddle,’ he warned.

And by “we” he clearly means GPs, not patients – doesn’t that just give you a warm glow?

There is no doubt whatsoever – deaths will result from this policy. The only question is – how many?

Severe, chronic, illness has now become tantamount to a death penalty, enforced by government edict.

Have a nice day – while you can . . .

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  1. My mum’s final unplanned hospital admission could’ve been avoided if her GP had sent her to a cardiologist two years earlier when she first started complaining of chest pains…

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