Unions – the sick and disabled need your support…

The Coalition is dedicated to persecuting the sick and disabled, and now Milliband says Labour will  cuddle up to the “squeezed middle” of society. Great, they don’t give a shit about us either.

There is the possibility of support from the unions, as Unite’s  Len McCluskey’s ‘alliance of resistance’ speech hits the news, aimed at forcing the government to step back from plans to ‘decimate the very fabric of the welfare state’.

You know, this might actually work. The sick and disabled have no power – hell, that’s why we’re being trashed, we’re an easy target – but considering the number of disability benefit claimants, very many trade union members will have a family member, and/or a friend, who is directly affected, and they should also bear in mind that, should they become unable to work in their turn, they’ll also be plunged into the same crap.

It’s in their interests, then, to support those who cannot support themselves in this battle. After all, as I’ve just said on Twitter, if we were to demonstrate on our own behalf – those who are physically capable, anyway – there is a very real risk that we would promptly have our claims reviewed – adversely!

So if McLuskey means what he says, it is surely sensible for other unions to pledge their support to him, and to the sick and disabled of this country. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also to protect the interests of those members who might become unable to work in the future.

The only question is, will the unions, in general, realise that each and every member really does have a dog in this fight?

Leaving the sick and disabled unsupported, at this time, will simply be making things harder for those who are currently working but, in their turn, also become sick and disabled.

Support us now, and improve the future prospects of your own members; don’t, and many of you will eventually share our misery and increasing poverty – it really is that simple.

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7 thoughts on “Unions – the sick and disabled need your support…

  1. I think you may be right: that this approach could indeed be effective. What would it take to organize a letter writing campaign, lobbying support from all the major unions?

    • Great – thanks. A lot of unions, though – I’ll put a list together of the biggest, that’ll make things easier.

      I wonder, though, if it might be best to focus on McCluskey and UNISON Unite since it’s his idea, and putting all letters/emails in one place will make more of an impact. I’ll publish contact details for him, initially, with an appeal for people to write in support.

      Not sure how much help the TUC would be (http://www.tuc.org.uk/index.cfm ), as while they protest the cuts, they support the Harrington Report, which was seriously deficient in addressing the main problems with the All Work Assessment.

    • The union appeal post seems to be widely retweeted. 36 hits so far – not too bad for the time it’s had – depends how well it does in the next few days.

  2. Great. Yes, I Tweeted it and posted it to Facebook too. Might be a good idea to repeat it for a few days, with varied wording, to get some impetus going.

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