The end for DLA?

Disability allowance reform planned.

Go to and act now.

You have until February 14 to respond.

And YES, it does concern you so do NOT leave this to somebody else, get involved!

This is your fight, ignore it at your peril. Seriously!

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6 thoughts on “The end for DLA?

  1. Hi there i am so worried about this, i am a 45 year old lady with multiple illness and would be lost without my dla.
    Do these people not realise the stess that we will all get from all of these changes will cause us all to be ill
    well more ill than normal
    I have e mailed them and told them that the stress this will cause isnt a good thing

    • Hi,

      Oh, they probably realise, they just don’t care.

      The important thing to do is download the form, complete it and return it – that’s all they’ll take any notice of. If they’re being honest about it, that is – which I sincerely doubt.


  2. I do not know what to do really about these shits the goverment planinng to do.

    I got mobility problem, various pyshical and mental health problems and challenging to get dla since may 2010.

    I sent them a report from gp, psychiatrist, occupational therapist and psysiotherapits also psychiatric nurse
    they all suport me with my claim but just because a FAKE report of atos, they say i am not entitled to neither care nor mobility compenent of DLA…
    it is now going to tribunal…

    i am really sorry its a different topic but, would anyone able to suggest what my changes are at tribunal???

    my mobility is reduced because of extreme lower back pain and which is exacerbated after a bus accident, i am diabetic, got highh blood pressure, i also got major psychotic depression attempted to kill myself some time ago 😦 i further got extreme forgetfullness and sometime ago forgotten the cooker on and the kitchen was burnt :((((

    my gp suggested i put a claim for dla which i did in may 2010. they never contacted to my gp and to other doctors involved in my treatment but they only sent an atos DR to asses me who put a lot of incorrect things like he said i could walk 250m without help or pain but he didnt even see me walking at all…

    i got the decision letter in oct 2010, saying i am not etitiled to it not care and mobility..

    they reconsired the decision but still the i just got the submission for appeal.

    They explain the decision with the ATOS report only, it appears that i dont care about my own doctors reports, the current treatments, medications and side effects so i am waiting for the appeal now :(((

    i am now using sertraline, aripiprazole, orphanedrine, cefalexin and mirtazepine…

    i am sorry for the long post but i am really extremely depressed and i appreciate if any one read this with patient and replies me :((((

    do you think the dwp making a mistake for not awarding me dla or am i really not entitled to it with these problems??

    I AM F…ING ONLY 26 :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    • The thing to bear in mind, at the moment, is that many refusals are overturned on appeal – so you’re still in with a chance.

      My advice would be to find some local support – a mental health advocacy service, for example, or a benefits advice centre – to help you with the appeal. The CAB should be able to help you find someone suitable.

  3. thanks for your prompt reply…

    i ahve already spoken to the CAB..

    they werent that much helpfull…they only helped to fill in the GL24 appeal form and thats it…they said its up to them to change the decision or not…

    i am really fed up, living alone..unable to work since june 2010..recently been put into support group in ESA…but no luck with dla

    i am just considering to end it all and hang myselff so that goverment saves money…..

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