The end of DLA – Part 2…

A new benefit will replace DLA, and this is what the DWP website says:-

This consultation seeks your views on the Government‘s proposals to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with a new benefit – Personal Independence Payment. The Personal Independence Payment will continue to be a non-means tested, extra costs benefit. It will help disabled people remove the barriers they face to leading full and independent lives. This consultation asks for views to inform our policy for reforming DLA and introducing a new objective assessment. The consultation applies to England, Wales and Scotland.

Assuming that’s an honest reflection of their intentions (yeah, right), then what on earth is the point of changing DLA for a benefit which will do the same thing?

Personally, I think this is little more than a ruse to subject everybody currently claiming DLA to reassessment – a new objective assessment – and we’ve all seen, with the cynical, mismanaged farce that is ESA, how well that’s likely to work.

And we’ve all seen how “objective” Atos have been, too – they run through a check list, pronounce you fit for work and, hey presto! – you are. According to officialdom anyway. You might be a deaf-blind quadriplegic, but Atos fuckwits are quite likely to pronounce you fit for work, because their “doctors” apparently have the medical skills of Burke and Hare. The morals, too.

Watch this space…