Disabled? Please – have the decency to die quietly, and soon.

If you are getting DLA or thinking of applying for it, you really do need to read this article. Now.

It appears that the bunch of mendacious, unprincipled, scumbags masquerading as a government (never forget that these bastards where NOT elected), have decided that supporting their own disabled citizens is now unsustainable.

Odd, then, don’t you think, that fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan is something that they DO consider sustainable?

So, tell me, what are we supposed to do – just slink off and die in some dark corner, and try not to stink up the place too much? Fuckwits.

I’ve said this before, and it’s worth reiterating, as far as the sick and disabled are concerned, the coalition – or, specifically, Cameron, Clegg, IDS and Osborne – are no better than Hitler. And I mean that sincerely – it’s not hyperbole.

The sick and disabled are the untermenschen of the 21st century. They just haven’t got around to exterminating us yet.

Give them time.

6 thoughts on “Disabled? Please – have the decency to die quietly, and soon.

  1. yer i get the feeling quite a bit having BPD i dont think they are doing enuff thats prbably a massive understatement there doing nothing they just want us in work why dont they help us like they have promised and stop putting us on the back burner

  2. i have been saying that for years,it goes for all people on pension. you work all your life pay tax and nis once retired they want you dead so they dont have to pay pensions and meds.

  3. Hi Everyone.what annoys me is the fact that if you are on pension and you are sick but not sick enough in the eyes of the DWP you get nothing and who is going to employ you with all the medical problems ?.because when you reach pension age one cant get sick pay and now a women at 62 [even if she is on pension is classed as working age]who is going to employ you because quite a lot of jobs want to know your medical history……….the thing is the government want people to live on next to nothing……..i read a post the other week on MSN and it said that the government should euthenase all people over 60 because they are taking all the money and they smell like cabbages …….this is how some people see us

    • Before I became too ill to work, I became unemployable because of excessive sick leave, which peaked at around 30% of the time. Happens a lot, I should think.

  4. Ron mant thanks for your posts they have helped me so much.i dont feel alone anymore with my health problems…….i know you have done this site with difficulties with your health but at least you are using your suffering to help others which i think if everyone did this it would be a better world to live in…many thanks..Wyn

  5. Ron you mentioned on one of your posts about a certain vitamin that helps with constipation due to taking pain pills ..could you please send me the link as when i was reading the post i lost the page and i cant seem to find it now .i would really appreciate it …post it when you feel up to it as i know you have mentioned that you are in quite a lot of pain….many thanks hope you are feeling better…….Wyn

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