Flu crisis looming? Really?

Pulse magazine said, on Friday:-

The GPC has warned of a looming flu ‘crisis’ and claimed Government cutbacks in marketing have led to a dangerously low uptake of the seasonal flu vaccine among patients.

In response to which, a commenter observed:-

“…the patient’s major concern was the swine flu content. There should have been a national advertising campaign.”

Seriously? A doctor thinks more information about a vaccine half the world distrusts would have helped uptake? It was the information I found, online, that formed my decision to give this witch’s brew the elbow. Information that led me to write this post on the subject.

Anyway, eventually the nursing staff pitched up here (I’ve been in supported accommodation since my early 50s, and they make home visits for flu vaccination). I declined the vaccine, pointing out that those who object to the combination crapola should have the option of a single dose annual vaccine, and explaining that my extreme reaction to the Pneumonia Vaccine last summer, that her colleague/boss/whatever had insisted was free of side-effects, had rather prejudiced me against vaccines. I know what a lie that was, because no vaccine is 100% free of side-effects and never has been. Still, I had no idea, when I agreed to it, that it would effectively wreck my life.

And then this stupid bloody nurse tells me it was essentially my fault, because I must have been ill when I had the vaccination, because it’s harmless! (No wonder some medical staff are abused, or worse!)

My health, at that time was as good as it’s ever been and, FYI, I know bloody well not to have a vaccination when I’m ill, which is another reason I refused this year’s offering – I haven’t been anything but ill since I had the goddamned pneumonia vaccine.

There’s another question I’ve not seen addressed, either. Since the H1N1 vaccine is unavoidable this year (unless you reject the complete package), how will those who had it last year, as part of the swine flu vaccine, be affected, if at all? And if swine flu returns will just H1N1 protect against the avian and swine flu components? Because logic says not.

The belief seems to be that vaccinating against H1N1 will protect against the swine and avian components, but I can’t find any research that explains how this will happen, or why it should. And since we have about a zillion unused swine flu vaccine doses in stock (again, because of consumer resistance, and the fact that the pandemic was a farce), why aren’t they being offered alongside the annual vaccine, for those who want it?

That way, we’d have a choice. I would, grudgingly**, probably have accepted the annual vaccine, but I sure as hell won’t have the combined vaccine because it’s too much of an unknown quantity.

**Because I always react badly to flu vaccines, it’s an ME/CFS problem, but don’t have a death wish.

2 thoughts on “Flu crisis looming? Really?

    • Flu vaccine is no more than 70% effective – or put another way, almost a third of those vaccinated will still get flu. In addition, if you encounter the flu virus within a couple of weeks of being vaccinated, you’re still screwed – the full effect takes time to kick in.

      And, as I’ve mentioned here way back when, the first time I ever had flu in my life was days after being vaccinated for the first time, in 1968, and nothing will change my view that the vaccine caused it, it kicked in too fast not to be the cause.

      Many years – and I know from feedback this was widespread – after being vaccinated I’d have bouts of “mini flu” lasting 2-3 days, right through the winter.

      As you can see, I’ve had long experience of the flu vaccine, and I’m 99% convinced that much of what’s claimed for it is bullshit, as some of the worst bouts of flu I’ve had have happened 2-3 months after having the vaccine, while some of the healthiest winters I’ve had are those when I’ve given it a miss.

      And, of course – see the earlier post linked to – for older people the effect of the vaccine is pretty much zero. I don’t see NHS Choice telling people about that.

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