Bradley Manning – better off in solitary?

The Guardian, as it tends to every so often, is bemoaning the fate of Private Bradley Manning, currently languishing in solitary for his part in releasing information to WikiLeaks.

He is, the Guardian says ( a lot), banged up 23 hours a day and denied access to sunlight, visitors or exercise (so very like a great many disabled people, then).

And, given where he’s incarcerated – the US Marine brig at Quantico, and what he’s doing there when he’s not a marine (he’s in the army), is a different argument altogether – solitary, bleeding-heart liberals aside, is probably the safest place for him, which I’m sure he knows all too well.

That’s because there’s is the question, generally ignored, of just how long Manning could be expected to survive if released into the general population of muscle-brained jarheads, where he would doubtless be viewed as a traitor.

Not long would be my guess.