The Welfare Bill and the Guardian – a snapshot…

Welfare bill penalises cancer patients, screams the Guardian.

Utter bullshit. It penalises every single chronically sick and disabled person in this benighted country, along with anybody who is likely to become so in the foreseeable future.

Cancer patients might be more dramatically newsworthy but a great many people are suffering – and dying (including me) – from illnesses which are no less fatal, and perhaps even more so (some cancers can be cured – want to try that with my heart failure, or my left lung, which is effectively a toxic bag of pus?).

And at the foot of the comment page, they had the temerity to link to this article, from last November:-

Welfare plans: Stop hoping for the worst and give Duncan Smith a chance

11 Nov 2010

Martin Kettle: Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare plans may not be as exciting as those of Beveridge, but their aims are just as profound.

That, Mr. Kettle was the purest bovine ordure. I hope you’re proud.

The sick and disabled community could see where this was going before November 11 last year – how come you couldn’t?

Kettle ends with:-

Duncan Smith may have the odds against him. But he is trying to answer the profound question urged on the young William Beveridge by his Balliol tutor long ago – “to go and discover why, with so much wealth in Britain, there continues to be so much poverty and how poverty can be cured”. Why and how indeed? Give the man a chance. (end)

Give the man a chance? All he’s done is add to the fucking poverty! A chance? Yes, OK – I’ll give him 10 minutes start on a pack of wolfhounds. That’s about all the chance he deserves, and it’s better than he’s giving many of us.

(Deborah, if you read this, spot Kettle’s liberties with the English language.)