The Coalition and the tabloids – a fellowship of liars…

We’ve all heard the very public demonisation of the chronically sick and disabled, by this government of liars, and how we are milking the Incapacity Benefit and DLA system through massive fraud. We’ve also read the same lies in the tabloid press.

The current campaign of lies and disinformation can, I believe, be traced back to an article by David Freud (once Labour, and James Purnell’s side-kick, now Conservative, as Lord Freud), in the Telegraph a few years ago, which was a pack of lies from beginning to end.

Since then the vilification of claimants has continued unabated, until ramped up to insane levels of mendacity by Cameron, Osborne, IDS and Clegg. IDS’s claim that DLA is massively broken and unsuitable for its purposes is equally untrue. The main reason of the change to PIP is that it gives them the chance to reassess everybody and, trust me on this, the results will not be favourable.

The Department of Work & Pensions, however, has a publication called Fraud and Error in the Benefit System: October 2008 to September 2009, which show up the government for the lying bastards they really are.

For example, here are the fraud and error percentages (for 2009/10), for the two benefits I and most of my readers are interested in, DLA and Incapacity Benefit, where the “high levels of fraud” were used as an excuse to replace it with ESA, the administration of which is far more dishonest than claimants are alleged to be!

DLA Fraud          0.5%

DLA Error           0.6%

IB Fraud              0.7%

IB Error               2.1%

Note that in both cases error costs more than fraud, in the case of IB 3 times more, You don’t hear Cameron & Co. banging on about how disgraceful that is, do you? And with staffing cuts that unlikely to get any better.

You can access the source document here. The above figures are from page 9.