The sick and disabled need the public’s support…

It was said to me, a few minutes ago, that “There has to be a point where overwhelming public disapproval counts,” when it comes to countering Cameron’s war of attrition against the sick and disabled. This (slightly expanded for clarity), is my reply:-

You’d think so, but legally/constitutionally, no.

Public demonstrations of anger/disapproval may influence MPs to act (in respect of tabling a vote of no confidence), but anything effective needs a u-turn by most LibDems, because Clegg has pledged the LibDems to support the Tories in the event of a confidence vote.

If Cameron and Clegg, plus the LibDems, stand firm, public disapproval – even were it close to unanimous, and it sure as hell isn’t – means squat.

It’s a big mistake to say – and it has been – “Oh, we won on the Poll Tax argument,” because that was widely loathed, even by politicians (hey, it was a vote loser), and if it had gone to a confidence vote, the Tories might well have lost.

The situation is vastly different now, because a large part of the population does not support us –  they support Cameron, convinced by his lies and, let’s not forget, by years of Labour’s lies too.

I’ve drawn parallels, here, previously, between the Jews, gypsies and other groups in Nazi Germany, and the sick and disabled in this country, at this time. That’s not hyperbole – the principal difference is one of degree, and that can change.

If Cameron suggested putting us all in camps, he’d be howled down – hopefully. If he suggests putting us in hostels, with clothing and food provided, because that’s all the country can afford, I wouldn’t take bets against his getting away with it. It’s hard for many of us to comprehend, but it’s a fact that the sick and disabled are widely despised, even hated, by many people. Let’s not forget that for a moment.

Here, on my blog, and on others, we’re effectively preaching to the converted – we need to find some way of reaching out to the large sector of the community that actually believes we ARE thieving scum, draining the lifeblood of the country, and changing their minds – or at least sowing the seeds of doubt. Only then can we make progress.

One thought on “The sick and disabled need the public’s support…

  1. we are but despised why we its not are fault we are unwell or disabled we all have are problems and a lot of people think we get loads of money we dont we live lavish life styles we dont where just spongers we are not we have right to live to im taking the cuts hard and i am sanctioned and my own mp doesnt know what benerfit i should be on the dole dont want me my doctor dosnt want me does the country want me i think the tabloid puts us as spongers and lay abouts maybe we should try to be more positive and help us hopefully one day we will ot just be seen as numbers but part of society what ever we can to help im sure we do

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