The lies of the BBC and Sky…

Had it not been for Twitter, I’d have entirely the wrong idea about today’s march and demos as, no doubt, many thousands – possibly millions – of people have.

Take the occupation of Fortnum and Mason for example – with both Sky and BBC telling the world the store was being trashed by UKuncut demonstrators. On the other hand, this young woman was on the spot, posting photos from the scene of  devastation on Plixi and on Twitter. See if you can spot the devastation – buggered if I can. Even the cops look bored.

And that’s been typical of the day, TV reporting trouble, people on the ground saying it’s not happening, especially with the BBC, when they focused on a small group of agitators, presenting it as typical behaviour while studiously ignoring the peaceful, half-a-million strong TUC march. And Ed Miliband’s speech. Still, as Miliband managed to mention everybody except the disabled in his speech, I had no hesitation is proposing him for the Fuckwit of the Year award.

One thought on “The lies of the BBC and Sky…

  1. ron you can bet the hooded yobs were prob government agents ,to make the marchers look bad. its happened before cheers adgeboy

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