Wrong Brother Syndrome…

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I thought at the time of his election, that Labour got the Wrong Brother – and they did. Had it not been for the union vote, they’d have got the right one.

Six and a bit months on, and Ed Miliband is the invisible man on a scale not seen since the days of Ted Heath. Whatever he might be doing with Labour behind the scenes, as leader of the opposition he’s totally failing to oppose. Even IDS, god help us all (and my DLA and pension!), is making more of an impression.

Not to mention Mrs. Duffy!

I’ve always voted Labour but, right now, I wouldn’t even know what I was voting for. If there was a general election tomorrow I would not, in all conscience, be able to vote Labour which means, as the Lib Dems are now Tory-Lite, I have no-one at all to vote for. Still, at least I won’t have the hassle of trying to get my powerchair into the local infants’ school. (The sitting MP, Frank Field, is a shoo-in anyway, the guy’s a bloody limpet, though his appointment as Call-me-Dave’s poverty czar might yet do for him).

It’s been suggested that to have Miliband thundering at the coalition over its murderous cuts would be a waste of time, and effort but why the hell should it be? It’d be infinitely preferable to what we have now – mostly silence, and a detachment from reality to match Clegg’s.

Squeezed middle my arse – Ed need to remember that the chronically sick and disabled, currently being shafted by the egregiously dishonest administration of ESA – a Labour creation  let’s not forget, even though the coalition have made it very much harder to claim, even for people who are terminally ill and disabled – have a vote, too. Unless he shapes up and acknowledges that we actually have a right not to be persecuted and reduced to penury, he can kiss those votes goodbye. Likewise those of the unemployed.

Step up to the Despatch Box, Miliband Minor, and stop skulking in the shadows. Man up, grow a pair, and stop being such a god-awful waste of blood, skin and organs. Prove to us that we did not get saddled with the Wrong Brother after all – I’ve seen nothing so far that would suggest that.

Oh, and before anyone whinges that David Miliband was tainted by his association with Blair – that’s cretinous in the extreme – so was most of the parliamentary Labour party, if that’s how you choose to look at it, but people change. If you want to see somebody seriously tainted by association, look no further than Clegg – too stupid to stop digging even when he’s in a hole over his head. There is simply no comparison. And let’s not forget that David Miliband won the party vote, it was purely the union vote that stuck us with his baby brother.

4 thoughts on “Wrong Brother Syndrome…

  1. Ron
    Couldn,t agree more, God what a pussie!!, interpret that anyway you please.


    Sick, prepare yourself The Solution

  2. As Orwell said, we voters are only ever in a position to choose the lesser of the evils on offer. The trouble is, our current sorry collection of politicians makes that choice more and more difficult.

    Sorry to hear about all your health problems, Ron. Keep on keeping on!

  3. I am still supporting the Liberals because I don’t hate them as much as the other two.

    Bearing in mind the Liberals have a small percentage of the vote maybe we expect too much from them. Even though they oppose Trident, for example, can we expect them to stop it when both Tory and New Labour, both of whom have more votes behind them, are in favour.

    Liberals gave away too much in return for getting their way on a vote on AV. But thats hindsight.

    Maybe Liberals could do better if they had as many votes and seats as the Tories. Or maybe I’m just a gullible fool.

    • How about – everything this government is doing, trashing the NHS, fucking up the GP system, ruining the lives of many thousands of people – is laid firmly at the door or the Lib Dems.


      Because if Clegg hadn’t been obsessed with the illusion of power, committing his party to supporting Cameron even in a confidence vote, none of it would have happened. The Lib Dems, who appear not to have a pair between them, have simply enabled Cameron in everything he and his cronies have done – without them he’d have been a busted flush.

      AV, really, isn’t an issue – it was never going to fly, the electorate is too dumb. Clegg’s overweening ambition is the issue. Not only has it fucked up the country, it has made the Lib Dems political paraiahs for a generation – at least.

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