Stranger in a Strange Land revisited?

The Guardian says of  James Frey’s new book The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, that it “…is all about the second coming of Christ, who returns to earth as a promiscuous bisexual drug user who performs euthanasia, approves of abortion, impregnates a prostitute, and preaches a gospel in which there is no afterlife, no holy judgment (sic) and no supernatural deity, only love.”

OK, the detail will be different – life was simpler in 1961, and Frey is no Robert Heinlein – but to me, that description is way too close to Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land for comfort.

Which made me want to read it again.

So, having no idea where my print copy is (many books are boxed up as I just don’t have the shelf space), I’ve downloaded a Kindle copy.

Then I’ll be watching for reactions to Frey’s book when it’s released in America on Good Friday. Will I buy a copy to see for myself? Maybe in paperback – not paying hardback prices (RRP is an extremely ambitious £30), just out of curiosity (the book was published in Europe last week).

Although, having read the complete Guardian interview from which the above snippet is taken (oddly, the interviewer makes no connection with Heinlein’s book** – too young, maybe, or not into s-f?), I will certainly buy the download when it becomes available, if it’s sensibly priced and not restricted to US customers.

**There is a Heinlein connection made in the comments by LePendu – that’s me.