Home sausage making in real time – more or less… Update.

Well, my sausage stuffer arrived today, and the bugger is huge! It’s massively over-engineered and, with care, should last several lifetimes. Heavy too – 11kg.

However, it’s exactly what I need, and the 3-litre cylinder should hold a 2kg batch of my sausage meat nicely. The piston mechanism is geared quite low, so it should need little effort to turn the handle to pump out the filling at the bottom. There is an optional higher-geared cranking point to raise the piston quickly, to remove the empty cylinder or refill it.

There are instruction to lube the rack and gears with food-grade lubricant occasionally, but no instructions as to get at them, as they’re totally enclosed. Removing 4 screws enables the cover to be lifted off, but there is no indication of whether the nuts are captive or not. If not, they will be almost impossible to replace.

In fact, the exploded diagram shows no nuts associated with those screws at all, so perhaps they just screw into the sheet steel. No reason why not – they’re not load-bearing.

The only thing that will wear in normal use is the piston seal, but as that’s lubricated by the fat in the meat, wear should be very low, especially as the interior of the cylinder seems to be as highly polished as the exterior.

And, apart from the piston seal and rubber feet, the whole thing is constructed from stainless steel, so should be very easy to keep clean. On that subject, the outlet on the bottom of the cylinder is wide enough to get your fingers in to clean it out – a bottle brush would be good too. A whole bunch of them, in various sizes would be even better, for cleaning the nozzles after use, though it d

It was, as I said, rather more than I wanted to pay, but it’s vastly superior to the much cheaper options so, all in all, I’m very satisfied.

And to save you rummaging back through the original post, this is the machine.

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  1. You’ll have a great time stuffing and creating home recipes. I’m moving back to texas in a few weeks hopefully the weather will make my breathing a little easier. We stuff our own sausage using venison and wild hog with secret seasonings. It’s unbelievably good. Have fun

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