Making life easier…

Here’s a tip for anyone with weak and/or painful hands – try Lexan tableware. I first used this on camping trips many years ago, as it’s very light and almost indestructible and, eventually, I began using it at home.

The largest item I have – a dinner plate – weighs in at a mere 119g, way less than china or earthenware crockery. I have two of them, plus a large and a small bowl, and two large (415ml) mugs. You can also get Lexan cutlery and glasses, should you be inclined.

They are microwave-safe but putting them on a hot stove, as I accidentally did, will melt them. That’s pretty much the only way to destroy them.

This stuff is widely available from outlets specialising in backpacking and camping – I get mine here at Outdoor Gear as the prices are good. Very good service too (I buy clothes there – backpacker chic is very serviceable if you’re disabled – trousers with thigh pockets, for example, are very useful in a wheelchair, and not as naff as combats, and vests (gilets) have loads of pockets for meds, inhalers, mobes, etc).

A caveat – there’s a lot of plastic tableware around –if it doesn’t say Lexan, it’s not.