Say no to AV and doom the country…

Do you believe that voting No to AV will strike a blow against Nick Clegg? You’re a cretin.

Do you believe that voting Yes to AV will favour the BNP? You’re a cretin.

Do you believe that AV means that your MP might turn out to have been  the third choice? (Actually seen that one on Twitter.) You’re a cretin.

Don’t you see that David Cameron’s opposition is simply because, historically, FPTP favours his party? You’re a cretin.

Will you vote against AV simply because change scares you? You’re a reactionary cretin.

And, according to Ladbrokes, when it comes to AV, the cretin vote will carry the day.

You see, that’s the thing about cretins – so clearly demonstrated by the EDL – they have very strong opinions and, at an election (or AV vote), are strongly motivated to turn out and vote, when more moderate and arguably more intelligent people are stricken with ennui** and tend not to bother – at any general election about 35% of voters simply don’t bother (source: UK Political Info).

**Admittedly, some non-voters are in the “Durr, what’s the point, like?” camp.

So PLEASE, if you have the sense to see that AV (admittedly PR would be better), is going to be the only chance for electoral reform for a generation, maybe far longer (look how long it’s taken to get this far), then get off your arses and VOTE YES on May 5.

Not least because the Conservatives are busily gerrymandering the constituency boundaries, and retaining FPTP may well mean we get to keep Cameron and his New-Age-Nazi fuckwits more or less for ever.

This is especially important if you are chronically sick and disabled so please, no matter how much it might hurt, or inconvenience you, turn out and vote in favour of AV – it’s our only chance for change. And if these fuckers get a second term, I seriously doubt that our very own Kristallnacht will be far away. And no, that’s not alarmist, as I said here, the position of the chronically sick and disabled, in this country, at this time, is analogous to that of the Jews in 30s Germany – officially-sanctioned hate figures, with little or no future if Cameron gets a second term.

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    • Indeed. Have you seen the garbage that’s been flying round Twitter about this? Makes me wonder if people actually work at being creatively stupid.

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