Are Spiriva Respimat inhalers good for everyone?

A question from my search engine slush-pile – not done this for a long time – “is spiriva good for everyone with copd”. Referring to Spiriva Respimat inhalers.

Simple answer – No.

Patients’ responses to drugs vary widely, and no one drug suits all people. Take Ramipril, a drug used to treat heart failure. Many people take this with no problems. I took it and it damned near killed me, triggering incredibly severe asthma attacks, the like of which I had not experienced since I was a child. And the attacks continued for a week or more after I’d stopped the drug. I tried it on two occasions, a couple of weeks apart, with the same result, and with heart failure the last thing I need are the stresses and strains of repeated asthma attacks.(A known side-effect, by the way, so why the hell this was prescribed for me, as I have asthma [part of the COPD package], I’m buggered if I know.)

Clearly, then, while others can I cannot – dare not – take Ramipril.

And it’s the same for most drugs.

And it’s not just distressing or dangerous side-effects, the efficacy of the drug varies between individuals, too.

There is no such thing as one drug that will treat all people for a given condition. Sadly, the human organism isn’t that simple, a fact for which pharmaceutical companies give thanks every day of their lives!