Chronicles of the Heart, Part 5, addendum…

Well, this afternoon, I have a new drug from my GP. It’s Candesartan,an angiotensin II inhibitor – basically, it lowers my blood pressure and, as a, bonus, because my diuretic, Furosemide (Lasix), is doing very little, makes me pee more. Oh joy!

But – and it’s a bloody big but – it does nothing at all to improve the functioning of my heart. And, by definition – heart failure FFS – that’s pretty damn important. I need multiple drugs, a diuretic, aspirin, an anti-hypertensive and vasodilator, and a drug to boost my heart function. The maybe, just maybe, despite three months and more of almost total neglect, I’ll get to live a little longer than I might otherwise have done.

It also appears – though I’m trying hard not to pre-judge – that this new drug is just as likely to screw up my breathing as Ramipril was. And did.

Still, as I said earlier, I have an appointment for a cardiology assessment on the 26th and assuming they schedule it for a sensible time, and don’t screw up (I’m not taking bets – everyone else has), then maybe that will get me better meds. Be pretty damn hard not to.

The way this whole affair has been mishandled though, forgive me if I’m not brimming over with confidence.