Dodgy Dave’s support remains as strong as ever…

There’s a lot of surprise evident this morning, particularly on Twitter, that the Conservative vote held up so well last night. There shouldn’t be. After all, survey after survey has shown that Cameron, lying sack of shit though he is, has the support of around 50% of the country, including the entire readerships of the Telegraph and the Mail, I suspect.

This is why I keep insisting that, although the demos and protests are absolutely necessary, it’s going to be a long war of attrition – there is not going to be a “Poll Tax Moment” this time round.

I’ve been pretty hard on the electorate the past couple of days – and I stand by every word – after all, how stupid do you have to be to accept Cameron’s lies about benefit claimants, benefits fraud and, really, anything?

Especially benefits fraud, when the truth is published by the Department of Work and Pensions and is easily available, and published here not too long ago, when I said:-

For example, here are the fraud and error percentages (for 2009/10), for the two benefits I and most of my readers are interested in, DLA and Incapacity Benefit, where the “high levels of fraud” were used as an excuse to replace it with ESA, the administration of which is far more dishonest than claimants are alleged to be!

DLA Fraud          0.5%

DLA Error           0.6%

IB Fraud              0.7%

IB Error               2.1%

Note that in both cases error costs more than fraud, in the case of IB 3 times more, You don’t hear Cameron & Co. banging on about how disgraceful that is, do you? And with staffing cuts that’s unlikely to get any better.

You can access the source document here. The above figures are from page 9.

Yet Cameron, and Osborne, routinely distort these figures, and the lies are blithely accepted, as I said, by around 50% of the country. Why is that when the truth is out there, it’s not hidden away, you don’t need a password, or Masonic handshake to access it – it’s in the bloody public domain! Stupidity seems to be the only answer, since “my party right or wrong” will only take you so far if you have any sort of intelligence. And a conscience.

America, faced with a lying president, Richard Millhouse Nixon (ask your granddad about Watergate), Trickie Dickie to an electorate who didn’t trust him as far as they could throw a grand piano, went with public embarrassment:-

In all fairness, can I do any less?

And we can’t let the subject of lies pass without this:-

And yet, despite a record of championship-level mendacity, the bugger has the support of half the country. Go figure…