Chronicles of the Heart, Part 6…

Progress at last.

Last weekend I was prescribed Candesartan (an angiotensin II receptor antagonist**), which I started last Monday (always best with calendar packs, if you can).

**Basically a vasodilator, which reduces blood pressure. Apparently, it improves kidney function too.

First impressions were an overall increase in pain levels, which seems to have passed off. I also, briefly, had serious gastric pain, like an ulcer on steroids, but that, too, appears to have faded away. Hopefully, that stays gone, as it would be a deal-breaker. An increase in existing pain I can just about cope with; an entirely new pain, especially one of such severity, just isn’t acceptable. Pretty sure my breathing was slightly impaired for a day or two, too, but hard to be absolutely certain as it fluctuates normally.

I had pretty intense nausea for the first few days, but that seems to have passed too, as that would also have been a deal-breaker had it persisted.

Some dizzy spells too, totally disorientating (unable to tell which way is up). I thought they’d stopped – wrong!

Lot of chest pain – could be a side-effect, or not. Don’t know yet.

On the plus side, in conjunction with Furosemide (Lasix to you lot in the colonies and elsewhere), a diuretic, it’s reducing the oedema in my legs visibly – I now have visible knees again! Still can’t walk worth a damn, though.

Last weekend, when I had foolishly run out of Furosemide, I gained 8lb in the three days before a new batch arrived – all of it fluid (6.4 pints of it), thankfully all of it shed again now. Thing is, that’s a lot of liquid and it can’t all be in my legs, so where else am I storing it?

So in terms of meds, this is clearly a step in the right direction but, in addition, I really want a drug that improves heart function as well, like Digoxin, maybe – there are plenty to choose from.

Don’t think anything will change til I get my echo-cardiogram though.

6 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Heart, Part 6…

  1. hi ron you really are a tough guy,i have lots of probs like you but i cannot do the pc time you seem to manage,prob because i am 72 and been this way for years,so do not think you are ready to cross the bar yet,your grit and the meds will keep you going.keep up the good work you are a very interesting blogger. cheers adgeboy

    • Cheers Adgeboy,

      I’m not exactly a teenager – only 6 years behind you. Thing is, blogging keeps me sane – more or less! – and that, and Twitter, keep my mind sharp, which is important in ME as it keeps brainfog away. I firmly believe, no matter how hard it is to concentrate, that it really is a case of use it or lose it.

      Physically, I’m going down the pan, but as long as my brain still works, I can deal with that.

      When it comes to using the PC, I have to spend my days sitting down, so I might as well sit in front of it. I’m not always writing, much of the time I’m reading (haven’t paid for a newspaper in years). Then, if something occurs to me, I don’t have to think “Is it worth the hassle of getting up and moving to my PC to write?”- all of 3 paces, but sometimes even that’s a challenge – because I’m already here.


  2. thanks ron people like you keep people like me going,as i have said to yopu before i am amazed some body has notgiven you a job yopu are more interesting than some highly paid newspaper people. oh sorry i did not realize how old you were but your mind is a lot younger. cheers adgeboy

    • That’s one reason why journalists hate bloggers – a lot of us are better than they are, and they’re not happy about it. And to be fair, a lot of bloggers are better than me, too. Well, a few, anyway! 😉

  3. cheers ron gotta admit you dont look 60 odd on your photo. i think one day the right person will read your blogs and life will change for you for the better i mean. take care adgeboy

    • Well, that pic was taken when I was 60, but apart from whiter hair I look much the same. Clean living, you know! 😉 Or something.

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