Maria Miller – just doing what she’s paid for?

The Internet is sprouting campaigns to get Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People, ousted for letting us all down. But is she? Where does it say, anywhere, that representing our interests is is even part of her brief?

This is what says:-


  • Disability and carers benefits
  • Specialist disability employment
  • Office for Disability Issues
  • Child poverty
  • Families
  • Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission
  • Remploy
  • Independent Living Fund

It doesn’t say that she is supposed to represent the interests of disabled people in any of those areas. Quite deliberately too, I think. But hey, I’m a cynical bugger, and I know full well that what words don’t say is as important as what they do say, and nothing there says she’s on our side.

One might reasonably assume that a minister for a particular group might be expected to represent their interests, but we happen to have a government interested only in the well-being of big business and bankers – and themselves, of course – not the common people, and such an assumption, with such a bunch of asswipes running the show, was probably always going to be over-ambitious

No, I think Miller is doing exactly what her paymasters are expecting her to do – representing their interests in those areas, against us. And, so far, I’ve seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

So rather than get Miller handed her P45, all our complaints are likely to do is to confirm to the government that she’s doing what she’s paid to do, and doing it well.

Just a thought…