My Arrowe Park Hospital Records – first impressions suck…

Right then, kiddies, I’ve just had a quick overview of my hospital records, which finally arrived yesterday. I’m not impressed. Errors right from the start, with my employment status – I’m retired, not unemployed. There’s a difference.

The records are – so far as they’re intelligible – abysmal, they connect with reality only tangentially and, I’m sure, accidentally! One early entry says “Looks comfortable at rest” I was in fuckin’ agony the whole time I was in there and for over a month after. Still am, some days!Never mind “looks comfortable” whoever you were, bloody well ask!

So here’s a tip – hospitals are no place for stoicism. If you feel ill, or in pain, make sure every bugger knows about it because clearly, if you don’t, they make reckless, and potentially dangerous, assumptions. Jesus wept! A corpse looks comfortable!!!

One note says, on Jan 21, Not c/o pain (if c/o = complaining of, I never stopped – that was what brought me there!), managed on Paracetamol. No, it was not bloody managed – Paracetamol was all I was offered, and I refused it as I had my own stocks of 30/500 Co-codamol, and m/r DHC to get even minimal pain relief.

They have, too, simply assumed that because I have to self-medicate with antibiotics** (I’ve explained why many times here), I’d created an Amoxycillin-resistant infection, when in fact I had pneumonia and empyema. It’s also a matter or record that, when the hospital’s antibiotics ran out I was refused more. I was, then, left with no choice but to self-medicate – it took weeks of 1,000 mg Amoxycillin three times a day (4 times at one point when the infection was showing signs of rallying), to finally see it off. Clearly, then, not resistant.

**When it comes to self-medicating my COPD with anything at all, but especially antibiotics, I could buy and sell any junior doctor on the planet – I defer to nobody below consultant when it comes to the knowledge and treatment of my COPD. Sometimes not even then.

Arrogant? Yep. True? Absolutely.

Hell, I’ve had messages of praise (for my knowledge of COPD and its treatment), from doctors and medical groups in the US and in Europe, and several UK GP practices use my blog as a resource – I know what I’m doing!

And did anyone check my sputum to see if it was Amoxycillin-resistant? No. They did not.

Repeatedly it says I refused the nebuliser. I did, and I repeatedly told them it was on the advice of one of their own doctors, as it pushed up my already high heart rate even further. Plus the fact that the neb compressor on the ward was very badly calibrated – the volume of air it was putting out was absurdly high, more suitable for an inflatable boat than human use, and meant most of the drug was simply vented to atmosphere, not inhaled. Especially when I had, at that point, almost no lung capacity. I should point out that I’m a veteran of neb use, both my own and NHS, and that one was way out of whack.

What little I’ve read so far simply confirms my impression that my medical care was very poor

It’s no wonder DLA claims fail if this is typical of the inadequacy of hospital record keeping!

And here’s the kicker – I do have serious heart problems – it’s here for all to see. The first ECG, taken on the day I was admitted clearly states:-

Abnormal ECG “Unconfirmed” (unconfirmed, of course because no bugger followed it up!)

  • Sinus tachycardia
  • Left atrial enlargement**
  • Interior infarct, age undetermined***
  • Cannot rule out anteroseptal infarct

**Due to by pulmonary artery blood pressure, I have no doubt  No, it’s not. There’s little data available, but odds are it’s linked to my COPD. Don’t know why just yet.

***I know the age. It dates from 1995 when I was admitted – Arrowe Park again – with a suspected coronary. I was kept in 2 weeks, told it had been angina and sent home. That “angina” took me months to recover from.

That’s all for now. What I need to do is take the notes – there’s at least 100 pages, for just 4 days! – to the lounge, where there are no distractions, and go through it, numbering the pages, and making my own notes. I don’t actually have a flat surface – say a dining table – in my flat that’s big enough. All my flat surfaces are host to my computer and photo gear or “essential” clutter, with nowhere to move it to.

4 thoughts on “My Arrowe Park Hospital Records – first impressions suck…

  1. 😦 Don’t know what to say, at least you have the documents now… hope you have the strength to write to them and make them aware of their errors. It should no go unnoticed. I fear that if I ever saw my hospital records, I would explode from anger…

    • It gets better – on my discharge notes, which my GP DID get, there’s a diagnosis of Ischaemic Heart Disease. That should have rung alarm bells.

      My first inclination is to sue somebody – I know who too – for not passing all the information to my GP. But it won’t change anything, and if I’m as ill as this indicates, and as I feel, I really don’t need the stress. I’ll certainly be making a formal complaint to the hospital, though.

  2. hi ron i am am getting same crap from my overpaid gp,s. hospital consultant said i need a heart echo done every 2 years cant remember why some fancy name, asked my doc for referal he said not pos due to cut backs,and i paid intothe system for 55 years now i have done my bit they just want you curl up and die.doc says they dont practice ageism,not much good luck what was your job when you was able to work?

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