David Cameron – Enemy of Democracy…

That well-known threat to democracy and would-be dictator, David Cameron, has been busily amending the government’s Preventing Violent Extremism programme, with its previous focus on “non-violent but extremist” Islam, to encompass all those who are non-violent but hold views which do not “reflect the British mainstream”. (Source@ The New Statesman)

What this says, in effect, is that he’s targeting everybody in the country who disagrees with his way of doing things.

Look for the establishing of the Ministry of Love some time soon, to take care of people who have the independence of thought to hold their own opinions, and who don’t take the Torygraph or the Mail. Anybody who has the temerity to demonstrate, or even quietly protest, will become a target for surveillance, or worse.

Cameron, beneath that repellently greasy, pudgy, exterior is an incredibly dangerous man. He’s every bit as dangerous as Hitler was in the mid thirties, and is clearly in the process of criminalising everybody who doesn’t back him and his inner circle of propagandists and plain, old-fashioned, lying bastards, Lansley, Osborne, and IDS.**

**IDS = I’m (a) Despicable Shit.

As I’ve said before, Cameron is already well on the way to making the chronically sick and disabled into universally-reviled, 21st century  untermenschen, with the unemployed not far behind in the demonisation stakes. How long before the first camps or workhouses make an appearance? I’ve already posited a scenario by which he might well get a way with this, by claiming it is the only way the country can afford to house, clothe and feed so many non-productive people – just give the fucker time.

Be afraid – Be very afraid. Seriously. Because with this change to the Preventing Violent Extremism programme, can the thought police really be far behind? How else to implement it, otherwise?