The rantings of a Tory cretin…

But only because I thought fuckwit was a bit much for a title.

From the Express & Star

“A Tory MP has suggested that disabled people should offer themselves for work at below the minimum wage.

Philip Davies claimed people with disabilities or mental health problems are disadvantaged in the workplace because they have to compete with able-bodied candidates for jobs and could not offer to accept lower wages.”

This despicable excuse for a human being goes on to say, to the Commons:-

“The people who are most disadvantaged by the national minimum wage are the most vulnerable in society.

“My concern about it is it prevents those people from being given the opportunity to get on the first rung of the employment ladder.”


“Because they (Mind, whom he consulted, but I find it hard to accept that they’d agree with his conclusions), were quite accepting of the fact it was inevitable that the employer would take on the person who hasn’t got any mental health problems given that they were both going to be having to be paid the same rate.”

It’s a fact of life that, in the employment market a disabled person will almost always come second to an able-bodied applicant, given equality of skills – it’s always been so. Before I became too ill to work, I’d become unemployable simply because I’d had so much sick leave. Hell, I wouldn’t have employed me!

What Davies takes care not to mention, though is that his own government’s policies will be forcing thousands of sick and disabled people onto the jobs market, where – quite rightly, as many of them will be too ill to work be too ill to work effectively (or at all) – they’ll be unemployable.

He probably thinks – if thought played any part at all in this blatant bigotry – that by making sick and disabled people a more attractive financial proposition, some employers with morals as flexible as a Tory MP might see them as a mo5e attractive proposition. Which, frankly, is bullshit.

This problem – and it’s a real one, though not new – will not be solved by making sick and disabled people into virtual slave labour. So here’s an idea, Mr. Davies, since your bosses are responsible for putting so many sick and disabled people on the dole, by all means allow the employer to take on a sick and disabled person at a lower rate than minimum wage,  but let government make up the difference. There’d still be a saving.

Better yet, abandon the plans for putting thousands of entirely unsuitable people into the employment market and the problem will mostly go away.

Just a thought…

UPDATE:- Seems I was right about Mind


5 thoughts on “The rantings of a Tory cretin…

  1. The Tories won’t be happy until the most vulnerable are in workhouses again. This cretin has me in tears. I hope someone has the ability to get him on disability discrimination.

  2. Hi Ron
    Yes, I can see it now, thousands of employers fighting for the services of millions of Raspberry Ripples. however cheap we sell ourselves.
    Jesus Christ!, do we have to suffer bollocks like this, if HMG intend…as they obviously do…to cull the sick Herr Cameron, just dont take the piss!


  3. What the hell is up with our Politicians.

    I was diagnosed with Stage 3 COPD in January, I still work even though I struggle somedays and the future is scary enough without the almost daily demonising of the Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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