No state pensions for the sick and disabled?

It occurs to me, being  the cynical bugger that I am, that there is probably more to Cameron’s purge of the sick and disabled (see last post), than immediately meets the eye.

As I said, those who are timed out of ESA will have no means of paying their way. Even if they’re getting DLA, that’s nowhere near enough to live on – for most it won’t pay rent and utilities, never mind luxuries like food and clothes.

The end result is that many of them will die, either by their own hand, as I said earlier, or because of enforced homelessness, Hell, I used to think nothing of camping and walking the fells in midwinter – now I wouldn’t survive a single night – sick and disabled people, forced onto the streets, will die. There is no way they cannot. Not unless I’m right about the workhouse/camps scenario.

Either way, they will be removed from normal society, with few, if any, of the rights “normal” people expect. Either way, there will be a knock-on effect from this – no state pensions.

Think about it. Incapacity Benefit had NI credits. ESA, by it’s very nature, cannot if it lasts but a year. No NI credits, no state pension (no access to the NHS, come to that, but that’s for another day and others more expert than me to wrangle over).

So, however many survivors of the original 700,000 there might be to actually reach 65, there’ll be no pensions waiting for them.

So, what happens, are a load of old people left to their own devices, to live or die as they will – or are we looking at workhouses or camps again?

The more I think about, after a couple of years with thousands of extra homeless people, overwhelming whatever resources there currently are, dying in droves, I can see Cameron standing up in the Commons, oiling his way to the Despatch Box and announcing that the condition of these people was totally unacceptable in a civilised society (ignoring the fact that he caused it), and that accommodation, meals and clothing would, henceforth, be provided, free of charge – in workhouses and/or camps – because, and the Daily Mail and other assorted trolls, twats and fuckwits will lap this up – it is the only way the country can afford to look after its sick and disabled citizens.

Just wait and see.

6 thoughts on “No state pensions for the sick and disabled?

  1. I would love to say your are wrong. Id love to say you are exaggerating. I cant. What you appear to be doing is peering into the future. A horrendous and shameful future which will come to be if nothing changes.

    PS Where on earth are the labour party in all this?

    • Done a lot of peering into the future the past 17 months, and the comparisons with Nazi Germany – the state-sponsored hatred, the constant lying propaganda and demonisation – even criminalisation – are unavoidable. One thing I am firmly convinced of, especially if Cameron gets a second term (my thinking – he will, and with a proper majority, the more so if he runs on an anti-us, saving the public money ticket), is that the scenario for the sick and disabled that I described in this post will come to pass in some form – I’m thinking something along the lines of an open prison. It would save a vast amount of money. It might also spark a civil war.

      A bleak view? Definitely. Wrong? God, I hope so!

      The Labour party? Leaderless, rudderless and useless – until they take steps to remedy the fact that the unions saddled them with the wrong brother.


    • Yep, I read about that. It is, of course, an old – if shameful – “tradition” of the indigent, especially in the US, to commit relatively minor crimes in order to get a warm bed for the winter or, as in this case, medical care – it’s just that the British press have only just decided it’s worthy of comment despite the fact that it probably dates back to the Depression years. It wasn’t entirely unknown in the UK in the past, either.

      I’m not worried about us emulating America for just that reason – it’s nothing new, just being sensationalised as if it were. My worry is that we’re already emulating Germany, circa 1934 – how long before our very own Pogromnacht?

      I know I keep on repeating this idea, but people, even the sick and disabled themselves, are missing the point. Oh, there’s a lot of bitching and moaning about the way the government keeps badmouthing us – seems there’s a new crop of lies every weekend (we were all getting free BMWs on the state last weekend), when in reality it goes far beyond that. The sick and disabled are being cast in the role of untermenschen, just like the Jews, Gays, Gypsies and let’s never forget, the sick and disabled, were in Germany, beginning right after Hitler came to power.

      Distasteful though that idea might be, I think it would be a grave mistake to disregard it. I might be wrong, I want to be wrong. I don’t think I am. I’m not talking about mass exterminations here, but Jews had become the underclass, to be hated, persecuted and despised, long before that machine got rolling, and we’re headed the same way.

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