The doom of the Labour Party…

Ed Miliband, apparently, wants to change the way the shadow cabinet is elected in  a way that will give him the ability, from September, to reform it in his own political image.

Doesn’t that just make your blood run cold? Effectively cloning the invisible man of British politics. Then we’d have a roomful of useless, hypocritical, vacillating buggers, led by a man who knows that the unions are responsible for giving him the best chance he ever had, and not only has he totally blown it, he denies them reciprocal support for June 30. Where’s the honour in that?

And what sort of Labour leader embraces Conservative policies wholesale, the way Milliband Minor has?

Labour has to offload this human millstone at the first opportunity, and the man whom the PLP voted for, not the unions, should take his place as swiftly as possible, and by whatever means necessary. The party can’t waste more time on a election campaign that might sadlle them with another hopeless loser.

And please, don’t tell me David Miliband is tainted by his association with Blair – you could say that for half the Labour Party, and it’s bullshit – it presupposes that people can never change, and it’s wrong. Anyway, better that than absolutely bloody useless, which is what we have right now.

2 thoughts on “The doom of the Labour Party…

  1. Hi Ron
    I,ve not seen much of Millibland, I,ve not heard him speak (I,m almost blind and completely deaf. My son says he looks like a school punch magnet and sounds like a strangled turd!.
    Well, it looks pretty grim Ron, opposition nil, closed shop at Westminster anyway Long Live The Queen and her Consort – as they seem to be doing, they must have a decent G.P., certainly better than my useless prat.


    • Hi Fred,

      That’s exactly how he looks – right down to the bad haircut! Biggest waste of space in British politics (and that includes Clegg!).


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