PayPal phishing scam…

There is a new PayPal phishing scam circulating. I got an email this morning, purporting to come from,  containing the following text:-

Dear Customer,

PayPal Is Sending You This E-Mail To Inform Your That Our Processors Are Unable To Verify Your Account Profile.This Could Be Due To Many Reasons,For Example :

1.You Have Two Addresses Linked To Your Credit Card On Your PayPal Profile.

2.You Have Two Addresses In Your PayPal Account Profile.

3.You Have Many Rejected Payments Through Your PayPal Account.

4.You Have Tried To Log In Your PayPal Account Using Different IP Addresses.

5.You Have Changed Your Address.

According To The Reasons Listed Above,We Are Asking You To Take One Minute Of Your Time To Update Confirm Your PayPal Account Profile Before Our Servers Start Deleting Your PayPal Account From Our System,You Can Read Our Terms And Conditions That Allow PayPal To Do This Action If You Didnt Update Your Profile Within 72 Hours From Now.

To Update Your Account Profile Please Click Here  [links to ] .

Note : Failure To Update Your Account Within 72 Hours Will Lead To Block Your Account And You Will Not Be Able To Use PayPal Agian.


PayPal Billing Department (End)

Nobody with half a brain should get sucked in by this, as it’s quite obviously not genuine. For a start (though this isn’t visible in the original email), the Click Here link doesn’t go to PayPal but to some bugger called However, even if you can’t see that, the abysmal spelling, spacing and punctuation, and the somewhat fractured English, are a dead give away. Not to mention the rampant capitalisation or initial letters.

Plus the fact that PayPal couldn’t give a toss about your IP address since, for many people, these change pretty much daily.

So if you get one of these just bin it. DO NOT click anything just to see what happens! Links in this text have been deactivated. If you go to the trouble of copying and pasting them, you deserve all you get.

One thought on “PayPal phishing scam…

  1. Hi Ron

    Some years ago I tried to report a Nigerian letter ( lottery ) scam to the police, papers and trading standards (local). The police did,nt give a shit, I expected that, the papers got a copy of the letter and did nothing, trading standards said they would investigate.
    Anyway loads of people usually old had their money stolen – yes people are gullible and greedy – but it took 2 years for this scam to become public knowledge.

    Keep on Ranting Ron.

    I,am having eye surgery next monday, the NHS have finally capitulated!, long story.

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