Comments changes…

Please note that, as of today, comments on posts more than 100 days old are closed.

This is partly because I have nothing to add beyond what I wrote at the time, or added as comments afterwards, and also to reduce my workload, as getting comments for posts a year or two old often means I have to look it up to see what I actually said before I can respond! I’ve written almost 1,300 posts, some are thousands of words long – it’s just impossible to remember everything I wrote.

And it seems to be a fact of life that older posts attract more trolls, cretins and assorted psychos, for whom my tolerance is rather less than zero. It’s quite remarkable, too, how many people believe that they can discern my mood from my words – no, you can’t! The words say what they say – if you want to impute any meaning or emotion to them, beyond what’s in the actual words, that’s on you.

And – just a thought – I don’t have to be angry to write an angry-looking post. It’s sort of the house style – check out the blog’s title.

In fact, I almost never write when I’m angry, partly because I rarely am (anger is a luxury I can’t afford), but also because I care passionately about the standard of my writing, and I don’t do my best work when I’m fuming (I tend to swear too much!).

NB: Apologies to new readers who are frustrated by this, but my About page can be used for general comments (not post-specific questions).