Fat and/or a smoker? Don’t get sick!

The health Fascists strike again!

From Pulse Today:-

Exclusive GPs have signed off a series of sweeping referral restrictions by NHS managers that will bar smokers and overweight patients from being referred for surgery, as PCTs across the country bring in new cost-saving restrictions.

To which one can only say What the Fuck?

Smokers I have no sympathy for – you made that decision, you have to live with the consequences. And had I not worked and socialised among you for most of my life, until the ban, I wouldn’t be near as ill as I am now, in terms of my COPD, so sympathy is in very short supply.

As for the obese, screw that. Not all fat people are chronic overeaters, consumers of pies or swillers of beer. Some are just fat no matter what they do – it’s genetic.

More seriously, though, most of those who need ops are probably more likely to be among the legions of sick and disabled and, as I’ve said before, these bastards want us dead.

I’m several stone more than I should be – much of that, I’ve discovered of late, is fluid retention as a result of heart failure – with a powerful diuretic I can shed a stone in days, and carry on losing fluid/weight at a slower rate. Equally, when I had to stop taking the drug, I regained a stone equally quickly and am still going up slowly, despite taking a somewhat less effective diuretic.

In addition to that, I also take a high level of inhaled steroids, and at that level they have the same systemic effects as oral steroids – primarily, weight gain.

I am also substantially disabled, I can’t walk more than a few yards and, if I have to – buying food is something of an addiction, as starvation has no attractions, and ordering fresh meat and veg online is too much of a lottery – I’m out of action for days afterwards. Mostly, I use wheels when I can.

And what’s the main result of inaction due to disability? Yep, weight gain – and as I’ve said before, vis-à-vis this poxy government and its policies concerning the sick and disabled, these bastards want us dead

On the plus side, the GPC and BMA are unconvinced that these measures, discriminating against patients because of their lifestyle (but it’s not all lifestyle, numbnuts!), are actually legal.

All we can do for now is wait and see, but in the meantime writing to your MP on the subject might not be a bad idea. Before they decide having white hair excludes you from surgery on the grounds that you might not live long enough to derive the maximum value from it.

Cynical? Yep – guilty as charged. Impossible? Don’t you believe it!