WordPress – remember you have adult members…

WordPress has taken to suggesting subjects for blog posts. God knows why – keeps the geeks busy, I suppose, as a break from addressing me as if I was a cretin every time I publish a blog post, like this:-

This is your 1,329th post. Dope! This post has 787 words.

Dope! is apparently a compliment among the juveniles they have running WordPress these days. Or something.

These are the latest post suggestions:-

You just acquired a magic wand. What will you use it for? (What am I, 12?)

What are you good at remembering? (Dunno, forgotten!)

Do you have any pets? (Nope – all dead.)

Seriously? what is this shit? Jesus, I know I’m in a crap mood today, but this is just mind-numbingly crass – even if I needed hints, they suck. I’m fully expecting What I did on my school holidays to crop up soon!

Look, you lot, we’re bloggers, we have imaginations and, hey, we can read too. There’s a whole online world out there just bulging with subjects for blog posts, we can find way better ones than these and, in all honesty, if I couldn’t I’d quit blogging.

It’s time you realised that a large part of your user base won’t see 30 again. Or 40.

Don’t judge everybody by the Little League sycophants who wet themselves every time you introduce a new feature, no matter how pointless or useless it might be (yeah, you know you do stuff just because you can, not because it actually makes any sense).

You have a lot of adult members – you might like to remember that occasionally.


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