Where are Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition when you need them?

Ed Miliband is not just a man without a decent tailor, he is also man with no interests at all in what the country actually needs, just intent on completing the process, begun by Blair, of dragging the party even further to the right, and that does not make for an effective opposition party or, really, any kind of opposition at all.

Right now, Miliband Minor, on the subject of the chronically sick and disabled, is as far to the right as Cameron – hell, he seems to be constantly striving to prove he’s further to the right, having lost sight of the fact that it is the duty of the opposition party to oppose the extremes of the party in power, not endorse them – and that’s bad news for all of us. And now he’s turning on the unions too.

Public sector unions are to launch a series of strikes in protest against government trashing of their members’ legitimately negotiated pension packages. While Miliband cannot, constitutionally, come out in support of the strikes he could at the very least acknowledge that he understands why the strikes are happening.

But no, he’s decided to side with the Tories, saying:-

“I think there will be millions of people, including millions of people who will lose on their pensions, men and women in their 50s, who will say, if I am treated deeply unfairly I am going to act, but that is the wrong way to make these kind of changes in our country.”  (Source, the Guardian)

How can it possibly be wrong, you mealy-mouthed toad? And what other options are there?

Can it be possible that this idiot really doesn’t understand the reasons for the strikes?

The government has driven a coach and horses through established procedure and, in many cases, simply imposed a settlement in lieu of negotiation, which no union in the world would sit back and accept without a fight, and for Miliband not to realise that is very dangerous for both him and his party, and demonstrates yet again that he’s in the wrong job.

Were I still an active member of a union which was affiliated to the Labour party, I would be doing my utmost to encourage the executive to ballot the members with a view to withdrawing from the affiliation and ending the political levy by which means the unions financially support Labour.

It would strip Labour of income that they cannot, perhaps, afford to lose but, as a bonus, it would ensure that elections for party leader were based on who the party wants, not who the union vote foists upon them. The party, by some margin, did not want Ed Miliband, but they’re stuck with a man who has turned out to be about as Left-wing as Ted Heath, and that is not what the party, the people, or the country need at this time.

What we all need is an effective opposition, with a strong leader. What we have is no effective opposition at all, and a leader who does little but vacillate. He hasn’t even got the brains not to speak out against the people who put him in power, even though, if he has two spare brain cells to rub together, he must be aware that their grievance is a genuine one (and, of course, goes far deeper than just pensions although, legally, they can’t say so).

It’s a little over three and a half years to the next general election. Now is the time for Labour to take stock, and look very seriously at replacing the colossal waste of blood and organs with which they’ve been saddled, with somebody with the intellect and resolution to recognise that Labour has lost its way, that it cannot continue as Tory Lite, and reconstitute and re-establish them as a potent and effective force in opposition to Cameron’s carpetbagging mendacity.

Cameron and his cabinet are straw men – it’s up to Labour, without delay, to figure out who among them has the matches.

4 thoughts on “Where are Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition when you need them?

  1. Until the Labour Party get rid of all the remnants of the Blair/Brown Governments and look to their roots , they as a party , will be in the wilderness.
    I have voted Labour all my life but these blue Labour politicians have lost their way, they do not speak my language.
    Miliband and co looking after their own interests ,at the expense of the country.

    • Sorry, Stan – and anyone else tempted to say the same thing, which isn’t unanticipated! – but Blair is history, Brown was a fuck-up as PM – we simply cannot blame people no longer in power for the actions of those who are in power now – to remove everyone who had anything to do with either Blair or Brown would reduce the PLP to a rump. The party is – it has to be – bigger than any one person. Time to move on.

      No-one can blame Miliband Minor for being a Blairite, but dear god he’s a fuck-up of the first water – he hasn’t the intellectual rigour to be leader of anything, not even a boy scout troop. We should have had David – screw his association with Blair – that’s history; at least he’s a bloody socialist and also he’s the one the PLP wanted.


  2. Perhaps a bit off topic, but I had to laugh when news headlines today said “Milliband heckled at Trade Union conference”. Sorry, was that supposed to be a surprise? Of course he got heckled! He was always going to get heckled (in a large part for the reasons you state above).

    Dear oh dear, it was a bit of a ‘state the glaringly obvious’ news item! But hey, it made me giggle!

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