Reduce the cost of disability – end pointless reassessments…

Someone on Twitter asks, when PiP is introduced, will the blind be left alone and not repeatedly reassessed. However, it affects very many more people than those who are registered blind.

These days amputees are routinely reassessed, presumably in case limbs have magically grown back, as is pretty much anybody with an incurable and progressive illness, including mental illness. Paraplegics and quadriplegics too for all I know, it would make as much – or as little – sense as reassessing the other groups.

When I was last reassessed for IB, in 2008 (for the second time, and by which time I was 13 years into COPD), I needed 15 points to qualify – I scored 115, because, even then, I was seriously and irrecoverably ill. Hell, I have been since I was 2.

Even so, the decision that they wouldn’t call me in for a medical was clearly begrudged (from the tone of the letter), and they reserved the right to reassess me for IB again this year, despite the fact that I would be a pensioner, and thus out of the IB system – perhaps they can’t afford calendars with all the money wasted on gratuitous reassessments?

And that cost is a factor which should be taken into account yet seems not to be – bloody-mindedly reassessing people who are never going to recover, or are only ever going to get worse as time goes by (i.e. me), must cost millions, even if they passed everybody. Of course, they don’t, and the inevitable appeals and tribunals add millions more to the bill, not to mention the tragedy of those who unjustifiably fail at the tribunal.

So here’s a thought. guys. With  disabled people who have cast-iron diagnoses of progressive and ultimately fatal illnesses, an incurable illness, even if not fatal, those with missing limbs, or who are paralysed to some degree, or are severely mentally ill – or blind – it is a total waste of everybody’s time, money, and resources, to have them repeatedly reassessed. There can be no valid reason for doing so. Ever.

So why do it? Bloody-minded vindictiveness and discrimination would be my guess, but even IDS and Cameron, or that numpty Osborne, must surely recognise this campaign of persecution for what it ultimately is – a massive, unjustifiable and unsustainable waste of money, no matter how much Cameron might obsess about fucking with us.

If those three clowns genuinely want to reduce the cost to the exchequer of disability, ending pointless reassessments is a bloody good place to start.

I’m not holding my breath, though…

2 thoughts on “Reduce the cost of disability – end pointless reassessments…

    • The main problem is Cameron who, as I’ve said before and will happily say again until some bugger pays attention, is not sane on the question of the chronically sick and disabled. My view is that he’s punishing the rest of us for the fact that we’re alive and his son is dead. RhydianFonJames thinks he’s using his dead son as a benchmark – if we’re not as disabled as he was, we’re not disabled at all.

      I think we’re both right.

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