Countering drug-induced constipation – linseeds update…

In my previous post I mentioned the problems of taking crushed linseeds, with water, to counter the constipation caused by opioid analgesics and enforced inactivity. As there was also a risk, given my respiratory problems, of at some point inhaling these, I needed to find a alternative delivery system. I have. (NB: Some people add them to food whole, but that does nothing for me.)

Today, as an experiment, I mixed 40g of Smash (any other instant mash mix will do just as well), with a tablespoon of Bisto Best Caramelised Onion Gravy Mix (for no reason other than that’s what’s in the cupboard – this, and many other Bisto products, are veggie-friendly), a generous desert-spoon of crushed linseeds (Linusit Gold, blitzed in the blender), seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. Pour on sufficient boiling water to mix to the consistency you want, and stir well – add more water or more Smash if you need to adjust it – then stir in a splash of olive oil (or a knob of butter, or some grated cheese), allow to cool for a few minutes, and eat.

Slips down a treat and you’d barely know the linseeds were there. Reduces, somewhat, the faint nausea they always cause me too, but the main virtue is that this is a perfectly safe and pleasant delivery system. You could also, of course, make the mash and gravy separately, and pour the latter over the former, removing the need to add any lubricants and, without the oil, butter, or cheese, it’s very low in calories.

I don’t eat lunch, haven’t done so for many years, so fitting this in will be very easy.

The linseeds, of course, could be added to any meal which includes mashed potato as they are barely perceptible, or mashed into a banana or, even, added to a smoothie. Anything at all, in fact, to disguise the mouthful of gravel and sawdust effect of taking the buggers with water!