Do your meds cause you to walk too much?

My normal walking distance is measured in yards, and damn few at that (if I try to walk further, can’t breathe, heart fucks up – it’s a technical term!). There is also exhaustion and a hell of a lot of pain to contend with.

Anyhoo, as regular readers will know, I currently have, in addition to all the pre-existing crap, Continue reading

Man-made superflu – not really a good idea…

If you were a scientist, surely the last thing you’d think of doing would be pissing about with the H5N1 avian flu virus, to make it more contagious to humans. After all, that would be pointless and dangerous, would it not?

So why did a reckless bugger called Ron Fouchier, at the Erasmus Medical Centre, in Rotterdam, think for one moment that this was a good idea?

Before Fouchier had his Continue reading

Vegetarian in the kitchen…

Part 2 of an ongoing series…                                                                    Part 1 here…

Which, really, is pretty much the same as anyone else in the kitchen, but without animal and fish bits. Basically, about equipment…

There was a time when I would have eschewed all electrical equipment in a domestic kitchen, with the possible exception of a blender, and maybe not even that.

Buy good knives, keep them sharp, and they’ll do pretty much everything you need (with the addition of a Rex peeler). As some knives are pretty much specific to meat or fish prep (boning knives, for example, or a razor-sharp carver for slicing liver (Sainsbury’s please note, and stop hacking the bloody stuff!), or actually carving; or filleting/skinning knives for fish), a veggie can get by with Continue reading

My Veggie Store-cupboard…

About 20 years ago I took my veggie kitchen notebook and wrote it up as a veggie cookery book, mainly for my own entertainment and, as I said some little while ago, it’s my intention, when I’m able (it’s the equivalent of a medium-sized paperback, which has to be retyped), to transfer it to my blog, and the easiest way to do this, I think, is in self-contained stages, of which this is the first.

Part 1 – My Veggie Store-cupboard.

On my reversion to vegetarianism this Autumn, I had, perforce, to undertake a considerable restocking exercise, as many Continue reading

FTL neutrinos and time travel?

From an article entitled Neutrinos still faster than light in latest version of experiment, the Guardian optimistically posits the possibility of time travel. A tad too optimistically, in my view.

There’s a real problem with time travel, in that it can, quite reasonably, be argued that the past no longer exists and the future hasn’t happened yet – so neither are in any meaningful way “there”.

But assuming, for the sake of argument, that both do exist in some tangible form, locating them in space-time is a hell of a challenge. Even Mars probes have to be aimed not for Mars, but for the point in space where Continue reading

Google now has a verbatim search facility…

Finally, Google have introduced a verbatim web search facility. This means that it will search for exactly what you ask it to search for, and not get bizarrely and unhelpfully creative, as we all know it so easily can.

However, Google being Google, the implementation is clunky. Their press release says “You can access the verbatim search tool under “More search tools” on the left-hand side.”

You can look in vain for any sign of it, and you won’t see it. You actually have Continue reading

Insomnia is a complex issue for many…

John Crace, in the Guardian, discusses insomnia, along with an “expert” who says the “NHS ought to be providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat it.” Oh bollocks! CBT is snake-oil for the 21st century! Anyway, some of us already know all too well why we can’t sleep, so having it explained to us by some numpty is no help at all.

As for Continue reading