Have Cameron, Osborne and IDS lied to the country about benefits?

“Britain’s armed forces are stepping up their contingency planning for potential military action against Iran amid mounting concern over Tehran’s nuclear enrichment programme, the Guardian has learned.” (source: The Guardian)

Absolutely insane.

If we cannot afford welfare benefits to support our most vulnerable citizens, we certainly cannot afford another bloody war, while simultaneously running down the armed forces, allegedly to save money.

It’s quite simple – if we really can afford this, after Libya, then we really should  stop dicking around in wars that don’t concern us, leave the US to its own fuckuppery with Iran, and use the money to end the persecution of the chronically sick and disabled.

Of course, there is another consideration – that there is no justification for this persecution in the first place, and that Cameron, Osborne and IDS have consistently and maliciously lied to the country and to Parliament about the need to savagely cut benefits.

I know what my money’s on.

6 thoughts on “Have Cameron, Osborne and IDS lied to the country about benefits?

  1. Do Bears crap in the woods? From the scope of the claims to the scope of the cuts this government has lied and obfuscated to gain headlines and support from their supporters. They paid for the press support and coverage they are getting and had it not been for the phone hacking scandal, would still be doing so. The question is, would Labour have been any different? I think not, Socialist values have been replaced by sharp suits and sound bites. The Thatcher legacy of “never give a sucker an even break” goes on.

    • To be fair, even Thatcher, whose faults were many, had more sense than to fuck with the NHS or welfare benefits.

      I finally became unable to work during Thatcher’s tenure, and had absolutely no problems with benefits. True, the DLA medical was so rigorous it put me in bed for three days (and I sincerely doubt I’d put up with that now), but, hell, I got max Mobility Allowance until my 70s (later upgraded to indefinitely with the change to DLA).

  2. Concise response (and I think I’ve responded similarly before); but Amen!!!

    Amazing how when it’s something the Government (and/or certain people within the Government) want, they somehow manage to scrape the money together from somewhere…

    He can’t seem to see (or won’t see) that what he is doing is the equivalent of ripping food, care and medication away from his late son to chase black gloopy stuff (that is non-sustainable fuel source anyway) and look for weapons that may or may not exist. Never did find those WMDs…

    But hey, when it comes to disability, out of sight (or, sadly, deceased), out of mind, right?

    (Sorry, in utter bitch mode due to stressful day supporting someone with severe mental health episode and also in pain! My spelling and punctuation is probably also abysmal, even for me!)

  3. I’m surprised Ron that you seem surprised. When I was twenty in nineteen fifty nine I was pressed into military service and sent to Germany. When I arrived, along with other new soldiers I was treated to a lecture about what we would be expected to do should hostilities break out. You may remember the cold war was at its height at that time. We were told that if the worst happened the BAOR was expected to last at least twenty four hours and in all probability no longer than thirty six hours. Being young and inexperienced in the ways of our leaders, it wasn’t till some years later that I came to the conclusion that were were fodder for the Americans and the Russions to lob neuclear weapons at each other in order to demonstrate how final such hostilities would be if they were to attack each other on their home grounds.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but from a personal point of view since that time I have viewed all politicians with copious amounts of mistrust. I cannot believe most of what they say, my eyes and ears almost always tell me different, the lies tumble from their mouths like water over the Niagra Falls. I don’t agree with everything you say but I feel your frustration at the way things are going, touching all apects of our lives. I wish I had the wisdom to know all the answers or be as thick as pudding because then I wouldn’t care. As it is I’m somewhere in the middle, the worst possible place to be.

    Keep batting Ron

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