Daily Mail benefit lies and the Twitter #MyDLA campaign…

For those of you seduced by the seemingly endless torrent of benefit-related lies from the Daily Mail, from free BMWs for the disabled to today’s crock of shit that DLA is available just for the asking, I recommend the Twitter hashtag #MyDLA, and the document that @LucyTweeting has created from the contributions.

Find that here.

As to where the lies originate, I doubt that we need to look any further than Cameron, with his positively deranged hatred of the chronically sick and disabled, and the probably SpAd-driven bullshit churned out by the DWP lie-factory, overseen by IDS.

The plan is to send Lucy’s document – for which we owe her, and @BendyGirl, who publicised it, a vote of thanks – to the Mail, and the Telegraph which printed the same lies today (and also has as much form as the Mail for doing so), and to any other offenders who spring to mind.

If you have a Twitter account and haven’t contributed to #MyDLA, please post your story on Twitter, using the hashtag. And yes, you will find me there.

Note: When loading the document, you’ll have to scroll down a few times to load the whole thing – it’s long, and rightly so, given the remorselessness of the government propaganda machine.

7 thoughts on “Daily Mail benefit lies and the Twitter #MyDLA campaign…

  1. I totally agree with you, and on page 14 in the ‘comment’ it shows the mail does not understand DLA at all by saying:
    ‘94% ..in receipt of DLA were given the benefit without ever having having undergone a face-to-face assessment to see if there was any job which they may have been able to do’
    It’s not means tested and you can work full time and claim it……wonder if that will feature in their new page 2 ‘clarifications and corrections’ column, I doubt it.
    It just means more people will read it and wonder why you can get a motobility car if you work!
    Being disabled is hell, I would rather be fit again and not be able to claim DLA, but that is never going to happen.

    • Hopefully the DWP will be overwhelmed with complaints about people claiming DLA while working. That’ll teach them to feed the papers lies!

  2. you’re right of course but what really upsets me is the fact that apparently fit and intelligent people succumb so easily to the falsehoods originated by Cameron and published by the sycophantic press 😦

    • I’d rather balk at the idea of Mail readers being intelligent (in an election many would have trouble spelling X), and I doubt the Torygraph readers would deviate much from the party line, or even consider the possibility that it might not actually be true.

      None of which explains – though not in this case, apparently – the rabidly pro-Cameron/IDS stance of the BBC, who must surely know better and, anyway, are obliged, by their charter, to be politically neutral.

      This, by the way, is well worth a read http://disagreeableweasel.wordpress.com/?s=SpAds


      • neutral or not, we are probably seeing the start of the next election campaign when the LibDems will be dropped as those responsible for namby-pamby stuff like health, welfare and education cock-ups so that Cameron will lead his triumphant cronies to the brave new world of no services save those provided by the companies owned by the cronies 😦

        good to see disagreeable weasel again 🙂

        • Given the mood of the country, I think Cameron’s a shoo-in for a majority in 2015 – then watch him give Hitler a run for his money.

          It’s possible that Labour can come up with a credible leader in time, and realise they’re not supposed to be Tory-Lite, but actually a viable opposition – but I’m not putting money on it.

          • very afraid that you’re right, he’s already aligned himself with the neo-Nazis in Europe eschewing known pinkos such as Merkel and Sarkozy

            Perhaps it will but fear that it will take the rest of a decade of mounting misery and unfairness

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