Working while claiming DLA…

For the first time in a while, a question from my search-engine slush pile “will the DLA know if I start a part time job?”

Whether they know or not doesn’t matter – they don’t care.

Contrary to what the cretins at the Daily Mail and the Torygraph seem to think, DLA is not an unemployment benefit. It is paid to qualifying disabled people to provide extra help with the costs of being disabled, either for “help with getting around” which is the official designation of DLA mobility, or with care costs. In fact, you don’t have to be getting the care you need, you just have to need it. Nor do you have to spend the mobility component on mobility costs (were I to use all the taxis I actually need, the cost would far outstrip my DLA anyway, a fact that contributes considerably to my being housebound) – many people, including me, simply put their DLA into their household budget in order to survive.

DLA is payable whether you work or not, full time or part time, it matters not at all.

However, if you get DLA then there’s a probability, given the question, that you are in receipt of either Incapacity Benefit or ESA, and there are rules that govern how much work you are allowed to do . I have no idea what they are, but these guys do:-

Obviously, though, any work undertaken has to be compatible with your claimed disabled status – working as a temporary postman on the run-up to Christmas, for example, will not be regarded kindly if in receipt of the mobility component!

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  1. for the record, DLA is not means tested and is paid to anyone whose disability qualifies regardless of income or savings

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