Pickled Eggs Update…

Made a batch of pickled eggs a week ago, and couldn’t remember what I’d used to tint the cider vinegar brown last time, and flavour it (it’s been a while), as I don’t like pallid eggs, a hangover from the days when they were routinely pickled in malt vinegar (turned out it was soy sauce I used). So I used a teaspoon of treacle this time, and didn’t remember it should have been soy sauce until several days later.

Anyway, as with many thing culinary, mistakes can yield excellent results; the taste of the treacle goes really well with the vinegar, and the slight sweetness takes the edge off it a little. Not that cider vinegar (Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar), has much edge anyway.

All things considered, a definite improvement, and my next task is to buy a container big enough to take a dozen eggs, and a source of the vinegar in bottles larger than 350ml, which seems to be all that’s available these days.

2 thoughts on “Pickled Eggs Update…

  1. ron, currently me and my two fellow friends are sat in a dull cooking class with a sadistic cooking teacher as an excuse to help us excell in our education. you have already brightened our day with you enlightening rant about quorn cottage pie. please carry on, it is our only hope of fun on a monday morning. MUCH LOVE xoxoxoxox

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